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Services Offered

Social Media Management -

This package would provide you with scheduling 5 posts a day for a week to Facebook and Twitter using their scheduler systems. I would obtain viral posts within your niche from some of the top blogging groups.

This package would cost you $50.00 for a week's worth of social media scheduling.

Ghost Writing -

I can pick up your writing style and write content on your behalf. This works out perfectly if you have a long list of product reviews/sponsored posts that you need to get written in a timely manner. I can write up the bulk of information for you and then all you have to do is go back in and add your opinions. An alternative for that is you can give me your thoughts and notes you created and I can turn it into the masterpiece you need for your blog.

For this service, it depends on the size of the blog post you're needing. Some example of prices includes a 300-word piece for $15.00, 500-word piece for $20.00, and a 1000 word piece would be $50.00.

Facebook threads -

I can take over doing your Facebook threads for you. With the exception of blog comment threads, my rate is $5.00 a thread. Blog comment threads would be $10.00 a thread.

Basic Web Design Work -

Did you buy a new blog theme? Is it causing you a good chunk of a headache trying to get it set up? I can help you set up your blog to make it look professionally done without you having to break the bank to make it happen. I have experience working with StudioPress and Elegant Themes blog themes.

For this service, my fee is $15.00 an hour. (Please note, some coding corrections will not take me long to fix, and I may be able to do it for you for way less.) If you need help, ask me. :)

Help You Obtain Sponsorship

Do you have a blog with quality stats, but yet you're not working with brands? You know you want to do it, but you have no clue how to get started. I have a long list of programs to help get you signed up for. Plus, I know how to reach out to brands directly to help you get your foot in the door. I can help you create a pitch letter for you to use repeatedly based off what makes you and your blog unique.

For this service, I charge $50.00.

Sponsored Posts 

If you're a company wanting me to review your product or showcase it on the blog, I'm willing to do that as well. For this service, you get a blog post that is at least 500 words, SEO compatible, and it will be promoted on all of my social media channels. I will also recruit my fellow blog mates to help with promoting the post as well.

This service is available for $100.00. If there is a product review involved the product needs to be included at no cost as well.

Twitter Party Host 

I have many years experience hosting Twitter parties. I have been successful at making them trend on Twitter too.

My rate for doing this is $25.00 per hour.

All of these services are payable via PayPal. Also, if there is something you are needing help with that you're not seeing listed, feel free to contact me as well.

Send me an email to sharinglifesmoments@gmail.com.

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