Category: Raising Animals

Raising animals is something that has been in my blood long before I was born. I won’t lie I’m partial to horses and dogs, but all animals hold a special place in my heart. As a result, I want to ensure if you have a fur baby in your family that you know how to take care of it well and what are the best options for your family.

Raising Animals

Tips To Keep A Dog In An Apartment

Desperate for a dog, but a committed apartment dweller? If you’re thinking about adding a dog to the family, whether to keep you company or to teach the kids responsibility, but you’re living in an apartment, don’t despair. There are ways to make sure a dog can live a happy, …
Raising Animals

Pets Teaching Kids Responsibility

Here’s the situation: Your child wants a pet. But, should you get them one? Having a pet in the home can be one way of teaching your kids responsibility. It also is another added bit of stress to your already overflowing plate. The remarkable things are pets teaching kids responsibility …