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Top Crazy Trends in Teens

Young ladies frequently need an adjustment in their closets. They want to run with the patterns and lean toward shopping that gets them in the financial plan. While we do the legwork to discover the best for you, we have arranged for a few quick fashion trends to get you …

Make Easter About More Than Candy

Easter candy is no joke. In 2016, Easter topped the charts for the most candy sold in the US during any holiday. When your kids wake up on Easter morning, it’s natural for them to be excited to see what the Easter bunny brought them. The sad reality is that for too …

What if it Wasn’t an Option?

On this blog you might have read about subjects such as homeschooling, making a cup of coffee or simply what good films are out there. These are some things that we, who are fortunate to live in a developed country, might take for granted…but not everyone is fortunate to have …