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This section includes family life topics such as marriage, parenting, homeschooling, and raising animals.

Family Life

The Importance of Silence

I’m often amazed by how little bit of time my kids can handle being in total silence. I didn’t realize the importance of silence growing up, but my mom always made sure I we had it several times a week. As an introvert, it’s almost vital that I get silence …

Helping Your Kids With Their Social Skills

Your child’s social interactions will play an essential role in their life, helping them grow and develop in both a personal way and with regards to their education. From a very young age, parents can assist their children with the development of strong social skills, while keeping in mind that …
Homeschool Life

What are the STEM Subjects?

STEM subjects consist of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Learning these subjects as a child builds a skill-set that is in high demand by employers. This means more exciting career opportunities for your child’s future. There are also many important life skills to be learned through STEM subjects, such as …