For a lot of new mothers, career considerations are a major concern when the family grows. While it’s fair to say you may not want to go back to work when you need to look after a baby, once your child is in age to go to school, you can start thinking about your career again. Do you still want to go back to the job you used to have before you got pregnant?

As surprising as it might sound, a lot of mommies don’t want to head back to the office. On the contrary, they are looking for new career options that can reflect their family values and new lifestyle. Indeed, when you have a child, your professional perceptions shift. Income is still an essential factor when choosing your next job. But you also look for a position that is family-friendly and makes you better at being a mom, day after day.

A woman can have a career and still be there for her kids. Here are some career ideas to consider. Which one(s) sound most appealing to you?

Show your true colors as a nurse


Healthcare specialists: No more worrying about colds and coughs

Most parents spend a lot of time with health specialists when they have a young child or a baby. Indeed, something as banal as a stomach bug can be impressive and scary for babies. Consequently, every little health issue leads to worries and medical appointments. However, you can use your time off to change career with an online MSN degree, which gives you the necessary background for a nursing career. In the long term, you can specialize and move toward higher responsibility roles. But the direct benefits will be noticeable at home: You won’t have to worry about every health concerns as you’ll be able to diagnose your child as a professional.


Social worker: You shape a better world for your family

As a mother, you want to share positive values with your children. But dealing with stress and everyday fatigue can be challenging. There’s a career that helps you to combine stress and real insights to make a significant impact on children, yours and others. As a social worker, you are a pillar of peace and comfort for families in difficulties. In your role as a mother, comforting, helping and caring for someone who is weaker than you is a natural behavior, which you can extend to your day job. You are likely to deal with serious communication problems in your role, meaning that you can be in a better position to address communication fears and worries in your family.

A woman can have a career and still be there for her kids. Here are some career ideas to consider. Which one(s) sound most appealing to you?


Social workers help people


Teacher: You can help kids grow into healthy adults

It’s no wonder a lot of mothers embrace a teaching career. With over two months of vacation throughout the year, you are guaranteed to have plenty of time with your children! Besides, it’s the perfect schedule to look after kids who are old enough to go to school, as your working hours match theirs! You can also encourage your child to grow their interests and social life proactively, such as choosing books that are suitable for their age and hobby clubs that develop adequate social skills outside of school. Indeed, as a teacher, you understand how soft skills and school knowledge interact.

Not all moms want to go back to their day-to-day work when they have children. Many choose to stay at home and create a side hustle. Others decide to change careers to make a difference. If you do, you’ll find that a job that makes you better at being a mom – healthcare, social care, and teaching – offers the best alternative.