My sons love comic books so I was thrilled to introduce them to Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. They had fun reading this book together. This is not your average run of the mill comic book. Captain Absolutely is a book based on the character from Adventures in Odyssey. 

About Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutley a comic book your kids will soak up reading while learning about God's truth. Learn more here.

Captain Absolutely is about how Josiah King is transformed into a superhero. Due to his new powers, he is on a mission to have truth and justice win against the evil around him. He has to outsmart his enemy Dr. Relative.

This comic book uses the power of exciting storytelling to help teach kids how to have a strong faith despite our current society issues.

My Review

Captain Absolutely is a comic book that your kids will soak up reading while learning about God's truth. Learn more here.

My kids loved reading Captain Absolutely. It is a book that is full of color and detailed imaginary. I would say that this book is ideal for 3rd graders and up. Honestly, younger kids could read it if they had help with some of the names.

It took us a couple days to read it due to time constraints, but it doesn’t take overly long to read it. In comparison to other comic books you would get at the library, it’s about the same length. Delbert is considered a slow reader for his age, but he read it a few hours a day and was done by the end of a week.

I did attempt to read it out loud with the kids. However, they wanted to “study” the images. Zeva wanted to create her own stories from the pictures she saw.

My youngest son loved this book. While my older one didn’t like it as much. That told me that it’s ideal for kids ages 5 to 12. I guess the 13-year-old felt it was to amateur for him.

As a parent, I loved the fact that the hero was fighting for the truth according to God’s word. I like how the author implemented scriptures throughout the book. It made my kids want to look in their Bibles to see if they said the same thing.

Overall, I would recommend it. I feel that parents and kids alike will have fun reading this comic book. Now if your reader doesn’t like comics, then I would stay clear of this one. It is a true blue hardcore comic just with a Chrisitan spin on it.

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