I did get to read quite a few of the books that were on my list to read, but not all of them this go around. That’s because I spent all last weekend with my nose dived into The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle (That you can still get if you order it by the end of the day TODAY!) However, there were some e-books included in the bundle that I had a blast reading and learning, even more, goodness about blogging at the same time.

We are at the end of October ALREADY. My oldest son just turned 13 (YES, 13!) on the 29th. It blows my mind how quickly time flies by when it comes to raising my kids. I long for them to be completely independent, but yet, I want to keep them close to me and spend as much time with them as I possibly can! I am not ready to be a mother to a teenage boy, but I am in the trenches with it now. I’d love to hear your advice or stories from raising your own teenager!

Well,… on to what you came here for…

Book Lover’s Book Reviews

Here are the October 2016 Edition of the Bookworms Book Reviews. Romance, Marriage, Religion, Mystery, Suspense, and Blogging books are all on this list this time. Which one do you want to add to your to-read list?
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Good As Gone by Amy Gentry

The October '16 Edition of the #Bookworms #BookReviews includes romance, marriage, suspense, & blogging.Which will be on your #toread list?

If you have liked the Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train  then you will most likely like this book too. This book is about a girl named Julie who was kidnapped at the age of 13 while her parents slept downstairs. Then eight years later she returns. Or is it really Julie? There are gaps in the story and other details that make Julie’s mom, Anna, starts to suspect that Julie isn’t really her daughter. What does she do about it?

My Review

This is another one of those books that jump around quite a bit. However, this one jumps around according to the different characters perspectives and voices throughout the story. Since the author used that style of transporting us throughout the story process I am able to keep up with it far better than I expected.

I had expected to hear more about how this situation affected Julie’s sister, Jane since she watched Julie’s kidnapping in the beginning of the book. I felt like she was treated poorly throughout the book. That may have been intentional on behalf of the author. However, I wish we would have gotten more about the character Jane.

I also feel that there were details that were missing throughout this book, but I couldn’t place my finger on what since I wasn’t sure what the author was trying to do.

It was a good read and helped to pass the time. However, it’s not one of the books that I would select as my top favorite.

I did get to select this book as a part of the Book of the Month Club! I do HIGHLY recommend this book club. It’s really nice to get a book in the mail and also have others to discuss it with each month.

As of tomorrow, you can choose from the books in the below image.

The Blessings of Unity 

The October '16 Edition of the #Bookworms #BookReviews includes romance, marriage, suspense, & blogging.Which will be on your #toread list?

This is a book that through Biblically-centered teachings covers topics including discord, division, unity, discipleship, and prayer within the marriage.

The Blessings of Unity offers insight and ideas for creating godly unity in our marriages centered around two key concepts: tweet

Abiding in the Vine and walking in the Spirit, and tweet

Learning and applying the concept of unity. tweet

My Review

I wasn’t overly impressed with this book. I am a fan of marriage help books that are Christian centered. I’ve shared many that I love through the years on my other blog. However, this book was overly preachy. This book wasn’t one that flowed well for me. I felt like I was sitting through a preacher who kept a monotone voice throughout the entire sermon.

The MESSAGE itself was solid and even one well worth reading! I feel that the intentions and teachings are STRONG. It’s just the way it was presented to me throughout the book. I can’t explain it well without sounding offensive. Believe me, when I say, I don’t want to do that because one can tell there were time and heart put into this book.

He covered a topic that many of us don’t want to admit is a major cause of division within our marriages. SELF-CENTEREDNESS! I know I personally struggle with this battle quite often. I’ve improved drastically through the years, but it rears it’s ugly head still. He goes into detail about how we can improve our mindset and our marriage by loving with a selfless heart.

Overall, it’s a decent book. I just don’t like books that are overly “preachy”. I want to feel like I can connect and relate to the author who is giving me words of wisdom.

Disclosure: I did get this book to review from FlyBy Promotions in exchange for an honest review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Trust My Heart 

The October '16 Edition of the #Bookworms #BookReviews includes romance, marriage, suspense, & blogging.Which will be on your #toread list?

Grant McAllister arrives in Murphy, North Carolina, with one aim: to sell his inherited property and leave as quickly as possible. The big-city lawyer has no interest in his late, estranged grandparents or the dilapidated mansion he just acquired. After his high-profile divorce, he should be avoiding perky reporters, too. But Jami Carlisle is honest, funny, and undeniably appealing. tweet

After breaking up with her safe-but-smothering boyfriend, Jami is determined to ace her first big assignment. A story about the McAllister estate is too intriguing to ignore—much like its handsome, commitment-phobic heir. Thanks to her digging, the pieces of Grant’s fraught family history are gradually fitting into place, but also upending all his old beliefs. tweet

The two draw closer as they share their dreams, until misread signals and misunderstandings begin to test their trust. But in the unspoiled beauty of the Smoky Mountains, there’s healing and forgiveness to be found. And for Grant, this unplanned detour may be just what’s needed to finally guide him home… tweet

My Review

By far this has been one of my favorite books to read this month! This Christian romance was a joy to read because Grant and Jami’s courtship kept me on my toes. Plus, it is a story that could truly happen in real life. It is also based in a small town. (I’m a small town romance junkie!) It’s filled with practical advice, romance, and a good bit of humor too. It’s also a quick read that will keep your attention from beginning to end because you have to know the outcome.

Disclosure: I did get this book to review in exchange for an honest review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Addicted To You


In a sweet, sexy novel for fans of Abbi Glines, Monica Murphy, and Christina Lauren, the author of Just a Little Kiss tells the story of two friends who each want more—and the love triangle that’s holding them back. tweet

In the sleepy fishing town of Port Lucia, everyone knows everyone, but Isla Diaz really knows Colby Callahan, with his blue-gray eyes and the tousled brown hair always tucked sexily into his cap. After all, Isla has been crazy about Colby ever since she can remember—even if he treats her like a kid sister. Now, without her best friend, Felicity, around, Isla spots a golden opportunity to take things to the next level . . . or at least wrangle a kiss out of Colby. tweet

By random chance, a tropical storm is headed toward the coast, leaving them stranded together overnight—and there’s nothing to do but drink. As the evening wears on, Isla gets the feeling that her not-so-secret crush may finally release her from the friend zone. With her dreams finally coming true, Isla isn’t about to pump the brakes, but is this just a one-time thing? What if the next morning, she needs more than Colby’s prepared to give? tweet

Little does she know, Colby would like nothing more than a real relationship with Isla. She’s always been the one. But there’s a very good reason he’s been keeping his distance. Someone else loves her too, someone who also means the world to Colby: his brother. tweet

My Review

This was a book that was a pleasure to read. I can relate to being in the middle between brothers as their love interests. As a result, I found it intriguing to read this love triangle story. The courtship between Colby and Isla is anything but simple. Since I like hearing other’s love stories, this one didn’t disappointment one bit.

Disclosure: I did get this book to read in exchange for my honest review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Who We Were Before 

The October '16 Edition of the #Bookworms #BookReviews includes romance, marriage, suspense, & blogging.Which will be on your #toread list?


Zoe knows that it wasn’t really her fault. Of course it wasn’t. But if she’d just grasped harder, run faster, lunged quicker, she might have saved him. And Edward doesn’t really blame her, though his bitter words at the time still haunt her, and he can no more take them back than she can halt the car that killed their son. tweet

Two years on, every day is a tragedy. Edward knows they should take healing steps together, but he’s tired of being shut out. For Zoe, it just seems easier to let grief lead the way. tweet

A weekend in Paris might be their last hope for reconciliation, but mischance sees them separated before they’ve even left Gare du Nord. Lost and alone, Edward and Zoe must try to find their way back to each other—and find their way back to the people they were before. But is that even possible? tweet

My Review

I’m starting to think it’s becoming a trend for authors to write in a jumping around fashion! I’m not too keen on this whole new concept one bit! It is requiring me to focus too much on what I’m reading. I read to escape thinking, and if I have to keep mental notes as I’m reading it tends to make me less inclined to want to finish the book.

This book did quite a bit of jumping around from the couple’s point of views and past and present. It also provided more details than was needed to give us a clear picture of what we needed to know to find this book appealing. I believe if the author had cut many factors out of the book that it would have been more pleasant to read.

The concept behind this book is firm. Considering it’s about a couple saving their marriage despite a huge hardship that no couple wants to even think about surviving, it intrigues me a lot.

Over 1000 people reviewed this book on Amazon! The vast majority gave it a 4 to a 5-star rating. Honestly, if it wasn’t full of jumping around and overly filled with details not needed, then I would have probably enjoyed it more.

(Just a side note: The MAIN reason I’ve never written a book about my life is because I’d be just as guilty of bouncing around and either under providing details or giving too many. I feel like the pot calling the kettle black when I critique against an author who does this. However, as a reader, I do see how it makes the book harder to read. Hence, one of the biggest reasons my book may never get written even though I’ve had many people request me to write it.) 

Disclosure: I did receive this book to read in exchange for an honest review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro


Imagine melting away all of the guilt, fear, and anxiety about being able to be both a passionate mom and a passionate entrepreneur, and replacing them with feelings of confidence, excitement and fulfillment. What about not feeling so overwhelmed by actually trying to simultaneously raise a family AND a business. Sounds magical doesn’t it? Boss Mom can help you get there. Boss Mom was created to do two things. First, to help dramatically shift your mindset about how you see yourself and your role as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, friend and more. An epic shift that will allow you to see how you can be amazing in each of these roles without sacrificing the others. And second, to guide you through a new way of thinking about how you integrate your family life with your entrepreneurial life. And to give you a plan that you can begin to implement that will make your world feel a little easier. tweet

My Review

This may not have been a complete guide to helping a Mom be able to figure out to do it all in their lives, but it was an inspirational and encouraging book to read. I do feel that it will help many moms who are also striving to be entrepreneuars to be comfortable with their decisions to do it. They will also see that they don’t need to have the Mom guilt for wanting to be who they were born to be. Just because we have made the decision to get married and/or have kids it doesn’t mean that we should have to shelve our dreams too.

Disclosure: I got this book to read as a part of my Kindle Unlimited Plan. 

Long, Hot Texas Summer

The October '16 Edition of the #Bookworms #BookReviews includes romance, marriage, suspense, & blogging.Which will be on your #toread list?

A sassy redhead with an axe to grind… tweet

After catching her husband kissing another woman in the barn, Loretta Sullivan Bailey left Lonesome Canyon Ranch and swore she’d never come back. But when her daughter threatens to drop out of college to become a rancher’s wife, Loretta refuses to let her baby make the same mistake she did. She returns to the ranch, determined to get her daughter back in school by the summer’s end…and resolute on ignoring her feelings for her ex-husband. tweet

A bullheaded but oh so sexy cowboy… tweet

A cowboy from his hat to his boots, ruggedly handsome rancher Jackson Bailey is none too pleased that his feisty—and gorgeous—ex-wife has suddenly shown up seventeen years after their divorce. But despite all their fighting and fussing, the two stubborn former lovers soon discover that old flames burn the hottest. Can they finally put aside their differences and find happiness together…forever? tweet

My Review

I loved this book. It’s a part of the Palo Duro Canyon Book Series, and I’ve enjoyed reading all the rest of the books in this series.  It flowed well, and I loved reading the courtship between the couple. It was nice to read about a couple who found their love again after years of separation and past mistakes. It reminded me a lot of my own relationship with my husband.

Disclosure: I got this book to read as a part of my Kindle Unlimited Plan. 

Well, that wraps up my book reviews for this month. I hope you’ll come back next month to read what books I bury my nose into. Be sure to see what I’ve read in prior months by checking out my book reviews section.

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