I do declare 2017 is flying by. I have had a lot going on the homefront lately! I’ve been having loads of time to work on a good many adult coloring projects as I wait for the kids to answer their quiz and test questions as I homeschool them. I have also had time to read books since there has been a good bit of waiting on things too. I have had VERY little time to work on the computer since November 2016. However, I’m hoping and praying that changes very soon! I have loads I want to share with you that are worth mentioning!

Now let’s get to the book reviews from January 2017. I hope you find a book well worth adding to your to-read list.

Bookworms Book Reviews

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My Review

I got Faith in Every Step to review from Flyby Promotions in exchange for an honest review. 

This book was about Kyle Walker’s journey with his grays. It was a book that is filled with adventure and human kindness. I did feel this book was a bit long to get into. I feel like the author didn’t have a strong ability to write descriptive enough to allow me to create a picture of Kyle’s eventful adventure. (Which is a weakness of mine as well, and I feel that’s why I can pinpoint this issue so easily.) I do feel that by the time you get to the ending you’ve invested enough time reading it that you want to know what happens.


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My Review

I review for BookLook BloggersI got Liked: Whose approval are you living for? from BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



I feel that this is a book that everyone can truly benefit from reading. Kari clearly wrote this for the teenage girls in our society, but it is filled with many wonderful reminders that it seems that many of us forget. We are swarmed with so many people and things making us feel like we have to do so many things to fit in or be considered someone. I know I’ve been guilty of worrying so much about gaining new followers and increasing my popularity online to the point that I’ve let my family and friends take a back seat. Since June of 2016, I made the vital decision that my priorities were quite messed up. This book was just a final reminder that I made the correct decision.

I love blogging and do pray that this blog will grow like my last one and even be better. However, I’m NOT willing to sacrifice savoring every moment I can with my family and friends. They are coming first, hence, why I don’t blog every single day anymore. I don’t spend all day online. To be honest, we are a lot happier for it. I do hope to gain a bit more time online soon, but that’s a matter of learning how to juggle everything a bit better.

I’m not seeking to gain many likes anymore. I’m seeking to make a positive difference in someone’s life hopefully! I sincerely want to help my readers to be able to have more fun with their families and carve out time for themselves too. If you feel like you have to in the spot light and struggle with feeling like you’re worth something then you truly need to read this book!

This book has made me eager to check out Kari’s blog at www.karikampakis.com because she is a woman on a mission to help girls feel better about themselves.

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My Review

Write Me Home is one of the books that I owned. I wanted to be sure that I read a book from my wide collection of e-books to ensure I did my own reading challenge.

This was a fantastic choice because it was a superb book. It was a book that I could read in short order and relish over every word of it. The author made me feel like I was there with all of the main characters in their small town. Yes, if a book has the setting of a small town it seems to become a favorite of mine rather quickly. I guess that’s because it’s so easy for me to picture what the setting looks like. I can determine what the characters would truly look like too.

This is a wholesome romance that many women would be glad that they got. I’m looking forward to reading Begin Again to find out what happens with Ti.

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My Review

I’m an enormous Nicholas Sparks fan! I couldn’t wait to get this one from the library to devour it. I read this entire 400+ page book in ONE weekend! I literally curled up in the book nook section of my woman cave and kept my nose buried in this book. My kids didn’t believe me when I told them I’d have it done in one weekend. Then when they saw me with my nose in it the whole weekend every chance I got they didn’t doubt me anymore.

This book is unlike any other Nicholas Spark’s book. Yet, it still had his touch to it. I will warn you now make sure you have a tissue box with you when you read it. This book was one that I could relate to from beginning to end. Considering some of the things going on here on the home front it shook me to the core too at the same time.

Even if you’re not a Nicholas Sparks fan, I feel you’ll find this to be a book merit to spend time reading.

I did read some other books this month, but honestly, I couldn’t get into them enough to even want to write a review about them. If you want to know what they were then you’ll have to my letter that I pray I’ll be able to get out this week to my online friends.

Which one of these books are you adding to your to-read list?


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