Good morning. It is the official start of the Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Event. I’m super thrilled to have the next 72 hours almost 110% devoted to doing things on this blog. I hope that I accomplish everything on my list of stuff that I have been either putting off or haven’t had enough time to finish. PLUS, I can’t wait to interact with the other bloggers doing this with me.

This year’s to-do list is pretty lengthy for me. It is my sincere desire that I accomplish it all. However, chances are high I’ll run out of time. This will be the first time in a long that I’ve had plenty of time to devote to the blog without interruptions (supposedly. The whole family has been warned and advised repeatedly not to bother me unless it’s an emergency.)

Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Kickoff Post. Bloggers find out what it is and join in the action.

2017 Summer Biannual Blogathon To-Do List:

1) Write Kick Off post (almost done)

2) Make rounds of others who have done their kick off posts.

3) Set timers for the Twitter parties and attend them.

4) Finish my drafts that I have started (17 total).

5) Do as many mini-challenges as possible.

6) Write a newsletter and send it off.

7) Brainstorm more evergreen content and get it on an editorial calendar.

8) Work on my Elite Blog Academy assignments.

That about sums up my plans. Again its seems like pretty hefty ambitions, but I am going to strive to stay 100% focused on blogging for the next 72 hours. According to my husband, this is one event that does help me to get caught up and in most cases ahead.

Every biannual blogathon event has helped me in more ways than one! I am so glad that the sponsors who help put it on only seem to be getting better with each passing year. Thank you to the hosts for putting it on!!

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