This is the first Biannual Blogathon event that I have been able to work diligently all weekend in a long time. It feels wonderful to have many of the things on my to-do list checked off as done. It was remarkable to spend time connecting with fellow bloggers who do these events with me twice a year.  Granted I have access to many wonderful blog groups every day.

Come see what I got accomplished during the Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Event. Also, you can find when you can join us for the next one.

My Checked Off  To-Do List

  • I got three of my seventeen drafts finished and scheduled to go live.
  • I did quite a few of the mini-challenges. I gained a lot of new blogging courses that actually taught me new things. I feel like my arsenal is gigantic now.
  • I gained a lot of new FREE blogging courses that actually taught me new things. I feel like my arsenal is gigantic now.
  • I won The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Family Writing Time: A Busy Mom’s Strategy for Getting More Done ebook prize during one of the Twitter parties.
  • I did get a bit of my Elite Blog Academy homework done that I’ve been working on with my blog tribe.

It was a productive and entertaining weekend. My family strived to leave me alone as much as possible this weekend so that I could finish my to-do list. I still got to spend time with my kids watching a movie last night.

I love being able to work on my own blog. It brings me complete joy to have this time to myself to look forward to twice a year. What makes it even better is the fact that I gain so much from these events for my blog.‎ Kathleen Bailey‎ does a remarkable job of hosting this event with her trusted co-hosts. Kathleen has done a remarkable job of obtaining sponsors that save us loads of money.

I highly suggest that you mark your calendars to join us for the next Biannual Blogathon.The NEXT Blogathon is January 26-29, 2018 and will be our 10th Blogathon Bash!

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Will I see at the next event??