I am a Southern man who has a hankering for eating beans and rice with a nice piece of meat to go with it. One of the reasons I stopped making beans as much as I did in the past was because of how long it would take to make them. Now I can make these simple, quick southern style black eyed peas in a short period thanks to the BESTEK pressure cooker that we got to review.

About BESTEK Pressure Cooker

Simple Quick Southern Style Black Eyed Peas

The BESTEK pressure cooker is one of the neatest appliances we own. It has many built-in programs.

Some of them include rice, multigrain, chicken/duck, steamed fish, steamed egg, stew desserts, soup, porridge, tenderloin/mutton, bean/tendon, cake. It has a 6.3Qt stainless steel inner pot.  The 6L in capacity allows you to cook for a family of 5 or 6 members faster than traditional stovetop cooking methods.

This chart gives you a comparison between the BESTEK pressure cooker:


Multi-cooker model BESTEK Updated Pressure Cooker Instant Pot
Price $85.99 $99.95
Capacity 6L 6Quart
Power 1000W 1000W
Housing Brushed stainless steel Brushed stainless steel
Inner pot 304 stainless steel  (see note 1) 304 stainless steel
Programs 15 (note 2) 14
Digital screen Yes Yes
Warmer Yes Yes
Pressure adjustment Yes (30Kpa/80Kpa) (note 3) Yes (high/low)
Pressure holding time 1-60 minutes (note 4) No
Preset time Yes (up to 24 hours) (note 5) Yes (up to 24 hours)
Steam cooker Yes Yes
Rice cooker Yes Yes
stew Yes Yes
desserts Yes No
spareribs yes   No
cake Yes No
yogurt No yes
Browning Yes Yes
Safety mechanisms Yes (note 6) Yes
Dimension 14.6*14.2*12.6 inches 13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches
weight 6.3 pounds 14.6 pounds
Dishwasher safe Yes (removable parts) Yes (removable parts)
BPA free Yes Yes
Warranty   18 months limited 12 month limited


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As you can tell yourself there is plenty of reason to want the BESTEK pressure cooker!

Now I know you want your recipe…



This method of making Southern Style Black Eyed Peas is time-saving. It produces soft, delicious tasting beans. Zeva can't get enough of these beans when we make them this way.

I hope you liked this recipe.

If you'd like to make soft fluffy rice to go with these black-eyed peas then I recommend the rice cooker we use.

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What is your favorite southern meal to eat/make?