I was due to have my second child in three short months and I could already feel the baby blues coming on. I had a rough go at it with my first and then getting pregnant 9 months after having her, I just wasn’t ready for all the curve balls life was throwing at me. I had suffered from a definite case of baby blues after having my daughter, but some days I feel it could have easily become postpartum depression.

When my daughter not so conveniently started teething right before I found out I was pregnant with her little brother, I thought for sure I was going to lose my mind. She cried all day every day. She stopped taking her naps and had almost completely stopped sleeping through the night. We were both running on little fumes and I was now in the throws of the first trimester, exhaustion and morning sickness included. This mess of a party had officially become too much and I needed saving. We all needed saving.

I started researching natural ways to take care of my entire family. I mostly found recommendations for family yoga sessions, essential oils, eating the right fruits and veggies, and things along that natural line. However, those were all preventive and if you couldn’t already tell, my poop storm of a life was already mid-mess. I needed something to help me in the here and now and with everything, my family was going through.

After a few long hours of internet research, I found exactly what I was looking for. A fellow mother of four had recommended a natural Baltic amber baby teething necklace because of its versatility. I dug some more and found some interesting research that confirmed what this mother was saying. Baltic amber was the holy grail of medicine.

Amber is made up of a component called succinic acid, which is the chemical compound responsible for reacting like an anti-inflammatory once absorbed inside the body. Succinic acid has been known to cure pain related to inflammation, but in recent years scientist has also linked it to mood-boosting effects and found that it’s also packed full of antioxidants.

For centuries, countries surrounding the Baltic sea have harvested sap from conifer trees to produce amber stones for medicinal purposes. Its modern-day counterpart has been turned into a necklace to optimize it’s healing benefits. When worn on the body, amber is heated by one’s body, allowing for the medicinal rich oils to seep through the beads surface and into your bloodstream. Once this has happened, you’ll start feeling the healing effects almost immediately.

I bought a necklace for myself, my husband, and my children and told my mother that we were all going to start wearing them. She said it wouldn’t be long until we all started feeling better and getting back to a sense of normalcy, and I was hopeful that she was right. It didn’t take long for me to notice changes happening in our household once again.

My teething infant was sleeping again, my anxiety surrounding our upcoming birth had become manageable, even non-existent some days, and my pregnancy aches and pains had completely subsided. I was in shock at how well these necklaces were working for us. Within two weeks of wearing these necklaces, every problem that I was looking for a cure for had been resolved.

I can’t express enough how much I recommend these necklaces to anyone with a family they’re trying to take care of! If you want a piece of magic for yourself, purchase a necklace and experience the wonders of Baltic amber.