Even though I homeschool my kids, we still have our own back to school homeschool essentials that we have to have. I do feel that our list is quite a bit different than the requirements for public school students. Honestly, it’s more of list to ensure that my life is easier versus the actual students since we have gone back to using Connections Academy (online public school.) It is my hope that this back to school homeschool essentials list will help make your school year smoother.
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Back to School Homeschool Essentials

For storage purposes:

For us personally, we can take all of our students, individual textbooks, workbooks, and some loose leaf paper (or notebooks) and put them in individual fabric storage cubes.  I also take fabric markers and write their names on their cubes too so that we can easily glance at who they belong to.

pencil case

I also ensure that each student has a pencil case filled with pencils, pens, and highlighters. This particular case also has room for their other small knick knacks.

These two cases allow my students to have their own little storage containers without consuming a bunch of room. Plus, they are easy to grab and go should we decide to load up the car and take an extended field trip.

Here’s Our School Zone (See even more pictures on Instagram.)

Technology Products:

This coming year the boys will be doing their school work with me on my computer. However, they will also be working on side supplemental forms of curriculum on the other desktop that will be in my room.


A good printer is a back to school homeschool essential! We had Brother MFC-9340CDW All-in-One Wireless Digital Color Printer for several years. Something happened to it, and now we are on the hunt for another printer ourselves. However, I LOVED it!! It produced quality printed documents. The toners weren’t overly expensive. I didn’t want to pull my hair out from having to use it. It was a wonderful printer. To this day, I have no clue what caused it to crash after several years of use! Regardless, I still got my money’s worth from it!

It doesn’t hurt to stack up on copy paper either because printable worksheets are a dime a dozen. If you take advantage of a NotebookingPages.com membership, you’ll truly open up your homeschool experience to a whole new exciting adventure.

(Be sure to mark your calendars for their giveaway event on July 26th.) 

Support Group

I believe everyone needs a support group along the homeschooling journey. We ALL have days and even periods where we wonder why in the hang we chose to do this to ourselves. That’s why I feel it is imperative that you either create/join a support group in your area! There is also a long list of Homeschool Facebook groups that are worth joining too.

Record Keeping System

I don’t know of a state that doesn’t require us to keep written records of our child’s attendance and academic performance. I highly recommend creating a portfolio at the beginning of the school year for each student that will help with keeping up with the required documentations you may need for them.

Remember homeschooling your kids doesn’t have to be expensive, but be sure to follow a homeschool budgeting method.  You can buy these back to school essentials and be well on your way to teaching them without any further expensive if you do some research on homeschooling for free online.

What other back to school homeschool essentials would you add to this list?