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Is It Love or Lust?

Is it Love or Lust? Can you tell the difference? Here are the questions I ask to find out. I woke up and just thought I wanted to get something out there. I have always wondered what love is. You’re with someone and you say I love you, but do you really? Isn’t it just something that we say nowadays? I used to think that love would hit you like a ton of bricks, but it doesn’t have to. I met my wife (now she is my 3 third wife.) I met her before any of my other wives. When...

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Fall Preparation For Home: Put Away FREE Printable Checklist

Summer is quickly fading away into fall. I have to ensure that our home is ready for the fall and winter months every year. What do you do to prepare for Fall? We all know about spring cleaning, but do we forget about Fall putaway? Getting ready for the fall and winter seasons isn’t overly time consuming, but it certainly saves you a bunch of heartache during the cold seasons. Fall Preparation for Home Readiness:  Yard Readiness I’m sure it’s common sense to mow the yard one final time, but I figured I better put it on the to-do...

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Simple Sweet Pineapple Whole Chicken Recipe

We love to try new things to eat in our home. I’m usually the one who cooks the fancier meals in our home because it has been anonymously decided that I’m the better cook in our home. I have been getting these whole chickens from the grocery store because they are cheaper to get to feed our family of five. I typically cook them a different way than this, but Crystal requested that I make these two with brown sugar and pineapple. I decided to go ahead and try it and it turned out completely delicious. As a result,...

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