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DIY Ornament Boxes Advent Calendar

I decided that I needed to make a classier advent calendar for one of my teen grandgirls. She likes the finer things, but without all the added fuss. I figured I’d transform little wedding boxes and put in fancy ornaments in it. Materials Needed Big throw away box 2 Wedding Little Boxes from Dollar Tree 24 ornaments in the same color family  Red Bows Snowflakes bows pack Red stocking Candy Canes Pack Form stickers Santa clouds Santa Clouds Ornaments Snowflakes Glue Gun Glue Sticks Press White Board Directions Get a throwaway box. Paint the wedding boxes IF you want...

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DIY Train Advent Calendar

This was an advent calendar that took a bit of time to figure out how I wanted to create it. As a quilter for over 40 years, I set to work drawing out train and cars patterns. My grandson requested a DIY Train Advent Calendar since I made my niece her DIY Dog Advent Calendar. He wanted a combination of little and big cars, but we had to compromise. As usual, I got almost all of my supplies from Dollar Tree. Materials Needed 2 White Press Board Draw pattern of train/cars Little Christmas Candy Glue Color Felt Squares (a...

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DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar

My grandson asked for a small advent calendar for his very own. I thought of small little matchboxes with candy in them. Like I do most of my crafts, I headed to my favorite Dollar Tree to see what they had on hand to make him a DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar. Materials Needed Empty Box Background wrapping paper (Words on it are best to use.) 4 Different Color Christmas Wrapping Paper 24 Little Match Boxes Glue gun Glue sticks Sticker for Christmas Foam Small candy ABC Kind of Stickers Little Small Christmas Decorations Small Strand of Christmas lights with battery...

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DIY Dog Advent Calendar

This is a one of a kind dog advent calendar. My granddaughter has a little dog and she wanted a way to spoil him during the Advent season. I took some time to think of a way to make a unique dog advent calendar. Materials Needed Poster board Green, brown, and yellow felt Red Bows Pictures of your dogs Doggie treats Needle Yarn Stickers for Christmas ABC Two Little Wing Boxes Dot stickers Black marker Glue How to Make DIY Dog Advent Calendar I drew out a tree on paper and divided it into sections. Then I traced the...

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