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Homeschool Routines & Schedules

I’m sharing with you how I handle the homeschool routines and schedules in our lives after six years experience. I hope it will encourage you and help you at the same time. I can remember back to our first year of homeschooling the kids because we have made many changes through the years. As a result, every year feels new and exciting. I had this ideal little schedule laid out the first year I homeschooled. It looked rather well planned and easy to follow. I believed with all of my heart that we could follow this schedule. The schedule...

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Math Games : Easy Ways to Turn Math Into a Game

Math is a tough subject. How do you make it fun in the classroom or at home? Some kids learn Math concepts with songs, outdoor experiences, real world scenarios, or with games! My boys LOVE to challenge each other through making their own games for Math. I actually have to stop them from doing it because I get tired of hearing them solving Math problems. For as much as they love Mathletics they still have to compete like typical brothers do. At least they choose to do the challenges based on their smartness level. I also encourage them to compete...

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14 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Simpler

It is my mission to make your life simpler in every way that I can! These life hacks are rounded up in hopes of saving you time, money, and energy. Shoot, I even hope some of them are solutions you didn’t even know you needed. If I’ve given you a resource you didn’t know you needed, then I’ve surpassed my goal.   Be sure to check out these #lifehacks to help make your life simpler. #tipsandtricks #hack via… Click To Tweet Life Hacks Is your vacuum cleaner not smelling so hot? Use laundry detergent to help freshen up your...

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30 Back to School Quick And Easy Crockpot Meals

I can’t stand to cook very often. This is even truer when school starts back! That’s why I had to come up with 30 back to school quick and easy crockpot meals to make at least for the beginning of the school year. I figured you may be in the same boat of wondering how you’re going to get everything back in order once school starts. Hopefully, these meal ideas will help you to feed your family healthy meals without costing a bunch of extra valuable time. I have gone through several slow cookers, but I have found that...

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Homeschool Budgeting 101

I have been homeschooling for many years now, but I have had the luxury of doing it primarily for FREE because we have chosen to use Connections Academy. However, we did explore the option of homeschooling completely on our own for the past year. Let me tell you, it can be an expensive endeavor! At the same time, it doesn’t have to be! You CAN homeschool your kids for next to nothing.  I have done loads of research on homeschooling kids throughout the years because teaching my kids is a requirement and also a passion of mine. In my...

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