It’s a digital minefield trying to adapt your marketing strategy to the exponential expansion of technology and communication. As more and more young people become engaged with social media and are exposed to endless advertising, it becomes almost impossible for your product to be spotted through the tangle of competing companies. It’s embarrassing to see businesses attempt to worm their way into the affections of millennials through overwrought displays of tech-savviness and use of meme culture. The result is off-putting to other consumers for its niche appearance while the target market scoffs at the blatant misunderstanding of their digital language. Here are some helpful ways to encourage young consumers to use your product or services.

They Are Digital Ninjas

While older generations paved the way for this sudden advancement in communication technology, people under twenty-five were born into it. Their every waking moment is saturated with an abundance of screen time, whether they choose it or not. To begin promoting your business to these cyborg children, you must first accept that they speak another language. It isn’t as simple as thinking that young people communicate solely through emoticons and text-speak. A subtle layer of irony and cheerful nihilism lies beneath the surface. It won’t serve you any advantages to study this nuanced language and attempt to replicate it in your marketing. However, acknowledging the small yet vital differences in your generation and theirs will take you one step closer to attracting their business.

In the Age of Paranoia, They Don’t Want Cookies

While those without the ability to dance between adverts like avoiding hot coals are often manipulated easily by strategic marketing, millennials have grown up to be instinctually aware of these pitfalls. For example, the button on YouTube to ‘skip ad’ shrinks considerably after the five-second countdown, obviously designed to dupe the viewer who will then accidentally click their way to the advertiser’s website. The first time a millennial makes this error is also their last. Feeling that their every digital step is being tracked forces young people to avoid detection through clearing cookies and using obscure ways to dodge personalized advertising.

To promote your business successfully, be transparent about it. Younger generations appreciate the honesty and, if they are truly interested in your product, will have no problem clicking on our ad. A quality e-discovery service can help you recover lost data or destroy the sensitive material. However, the data collected on individuals should be used openly in order to attract young consumers. Acknowledging your awareness of people’s internet habits will create more trust than if the data were used surreptitiously.

Humor Goes a Long Way

Faceless corporations are unattractive to young consumers, whose use of these services is massively begrudging. Help your business by allowing humor and individuality to show in your marketing. Instead of falsely employing an outdated meme, perhaps opt for a self-aware ad campaign that lets the consumer know that you’re both conscious of the hoped-for transaction. Millennials will appreciate the respect this shows and is more likely to engage with your business.

What suggestions would you add to this list?