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Modern technology has allowed people to connect more than ever. No wonder why extramarital affairs are so common. Don’t take my word for it, read the stats. As per the infidelity statistics, in over one-third of the marriages, one or both partners admit they cheated. Text messaging has become one of the foremost means of communication as we all know. Hence why it has turned into a primary medium of romantic and sexual correspondence too.

Attention all non-tech savvy ladies: Here is How you can monitor your husband’s text messages!

The first year of marriage is not generally a time when infidelity happens. It’s the stage when the emotions of both husband and wife are at their peak. The stakes increase when the first child is born. Children change the relationship between the husband and wife. Stress and fatigue kick in and you end up giving a majority of your attention to the child.

The stakes further increase between the 5th and 7th year of marriage. Somewhere around this time, your spouse may slip and have an affair. These are those days of your life when already have kids, bought the dream house you always longed for and established your career too.

What else is left now? The affairs at this stage of the relationship are the most damaging. They continue for the longest time period too. There are lots of other infidelity facts you need to catch on with.

Do you think your husband’s cheating on you?

Attention all non-tech savvy ladies: Here is How you can monitor your husband’s text messages!

Unfortunately, if your husband feels that the spark in the marriage is gone, that one reason is enough for him to get involved in another woman, easier than you can imagine! The sad thing is that many of us women don’t even know what’s going on behind our backs. He may be deleting the text messages and call log. In case your husband has lost interest in you and your kids, or if you actually think he is cheating on you, you are not alone. There is a plethora of women who have nobody to hear them out.

Don’t worry, every problem comes with a solution and so is this one. A text message spying app can be your friend in need here! But wait, the dilemma is that you are not tech savvy and you think your husband is going to figure out sooner or later you are spying on him. Take a deep breath because we have got you covered. We are here to introduce you to

How it’s done?

It is pretty simple, you don’t have to be a computer professional to download and install the app. Just subscribe to the app and choose from the package plan you like. Once you are done with that, you get an email with the app download URL link, activation code, and credentials to your online XNSPY account. Follow the instructions and the app will be ready to use in no time. Remember, you will need your husband’s phone to install XNSPY text message spying app to pair the target device with your account. That’s the only time you will have to access his phone. Once everything is set, wait for 24 to 48 hours to access the data from the target device you will be monitoring. Yes, yes! The app will go in stealth mode so it’s going to be completely invisible.

Steps to get started with

Step 1:

Open the XNSPY dashboard by entering your account’s credentials.

Step 2:

You will see phone log tab on the left panel. Click on it and a dropdown list will open up. From there, select SMS.


Now you will see the list of text messages sent and received by the device you are monitoring. They are displayed in reverse chronological order. The latest one appears on the top.

Now isn’t that easy? You will have an eye on each and every conversation your husband is involved it. So if he is doing something behind your back, it won’t go unnoticed. Even the SMS conversations that are deleted can be tracked. The best thing about XNSPY is that it immediately uploads everything on its online portal. Yes, even if you are not currently monitoring your husband’s phone, whenever you log into the dashboard, you will have access to all previously sent and received text messages. Now isn’t that a blessing! Besides the text message itself, this text message spying app lets you check the name and number of the sender and view the date and time stamps.

You may feel a little bad on the inside about monitoring the text messages but whatever you are doing is for the best of both you. Maybe you can save your relationship and fix things. Nobody deserves to be a victim of infidelity so, take charge of the situation today. It is simple to get started with a text message spying app like XNSPY.

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Note from Crystal: I see this app as being more beneficial to use with tracking teenagers activities on their phones than a spouse.