Life is hectic. Between school runs, grocery shops, work, housework and family time it can be hard to even feel like you’ve got time to take a breath. In times like these, anything to make life that little bit more simple is greatly welcomed, so take a look at these ridiculously simple hacks that could make your life one hell of a lot easier.

These hacks will make your life much easier. Be sure to check them out to enhance your own life.

Photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash

Have Your Car Valeted

Cleaning the car can sometimes be an impossible task. Between kids running around at your feet and getting completely covered in mucky soap water, it can make you feel like giving up and just driving a dirty car around. Instead of getting into such a kerfuffle with cleaning your car, take it to the nearest place that offers valeting services. It usually costs around £15 and they will clean both inside and outside of your car, and usually leave an air freshener so you have a wonderful smelling car. Definitely worth the money if it can reduce some of your daily stresses!

Get Your Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

Prescriptions can be an absolute pain to pick up. You arrive at the pharmacy and find that they don’t have your prescription, or that the drug you need isn’t in stock right now so you will have to return in a few days to collect it. Rather than going through those kinds of troubles each week or so, find yourself a reliable online pharmacy instead and have your prescriptions delivered straight to your door. Gone are the days of waiting around in a stuffy pharmacy, now you can simply kick back at home and wait for it to come to you!

Hire a Cleaner

You may think that only the rich people have cleaners, and while this might be true, hiring a cleaner isn’t as expensive as you might think. Imagine getting home from work and not having to fold and iron a mountain of washing, or rush around the house with a vacuum from the previous evening and morning mess. Sounds like heaven right? Cleaners tend to cost around £15 an hour and can save you so much time spent doing chores. Even just that little bit of help will make the world of difference!

Set Routines

When you’ve got children it’s likely that you’ve done your best to set them routines with eating, sleeping, cleaning and playing. Do the same for your own life too. Even if it means setting alerts on your phone reminding you to do something, you will soon get into a routine and find that you’re not so flabbergasted by the amount that you’ve got to do each day. Many clever Mums carry a small diary around so that they never miss a trick!

Get Organised

Housework is annoying in itself, but when your home isn’t organized it can become even more of a hindrance. Take the time to organize all of your cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes so that when it comes to putting things away, everything has its own spot and you can quickly get the housework done. Invest in storage boxes for the kids’ toys, and use even more life hacks when it comes to organization so that you are always prepared and always organized.

Prepare Meals

After a long day of being here, there and everywhere it can be a daunting idea that you now have to cook for the whole family. Both you, your partner and your children need nutritious meals so that you can thrive and be the healthiest that you can be, so what’s the solution to this dilemma? On a day that your schedule is clearer, spend some time preparing meals and freezing them until the day you choose to eat it. This way you simply have to warm the food through and not have to worry about slaving over the stove for hours on end!

Learn that it’s okay to Say No

It’s understandable that you want the children to be able to experience as much as possible, but sometimes it can cut into even more of your schedule and mean that you’re on the go constantly. Tell yourself that sometimes it’s okay to say no, especially if you already have an action-packed day of different tasks. Being on the go all of the time can soon wear you down, and it’s important to take time for yourself to simmer down and relax. Create spaces within your schedule for downtime so that you don’t end up overdoing things.

Dry Shampoo

All mums know the feeling all too well that you so desperately need to wash your hair, but you don’t have the time or energy to do so. Some genius created the lifesaver that is dry shampoo and it takes literally seconds to transform yourself from greasy to fresh as a daisy. Dry shampoo often smells amazing too, so you don’t have to worry about your hair smelling either. Stock up on dry shampoo so that on those days where you can’t or don’t want to, you can fix yourself up quickly!

Keep an Activity Box in the Car

Every single parent will agree that car journeys can be a pain in the bum when you’ve got bored and irritated children in the back seat. Give yourself a break from an earache and create an activity box to keep in your car. Things like coloring books, puzzles, and even lists of things to keep an eye out for and tick off are perfect examples of things to keep in the car. Or, if you’ve got the money get them an iPad each. iPads solve so many things.

Try these nine simple hacks in your life and you will notice that you have one hell of a lot more time to yourself and also that you’re nowhere near as rushed or stressed as you have been in the past!