My friend Tanya wrote a blog post expressing why she loves her Kindle Paperwhite. I couldn’t resist writing up the 7 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle Fire. I have owned a Kindle and an iPad, and FOR ME the Kindle Fire is better to have than the iPad. I use my Kindle to play games and read books. I have made it a point to only be working when I’m at my computer. (Even though, I will check my email on the run on my phone or social media periodically. However, I only respond to utterly important things at that time.)

 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle Fire

7 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle Fire. In this post you'll see why many people say the Kindle Fire is AWESOME. Click here to see if you agree.

It’s Portable –

I got the Kindle Fire 8. It is easy to carry and it fits in my purse without any trouble at all.

Read Anywhere –

I can read my books ANYWHERE ANYTIME. I don’t have to worry about the sun hitting it in the wrong way because I can adjust the lighting according to my circumstances. On my iPad, the sun shining down on it made it IMPOSSIBLE to read anything!

Playing Games

I LOVE the Underground feature that came with owning a Kindle. Many of my favorite apps that have built in app purchases are available for FREE with those additions ALREADY included for FREE.

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Take Thousands of Books with Me

I am an e-book hoarder. I literally own THOUSANDS of e-books. I could almost start my own lending library that’s how many I have. With Amazon, I’m able to loan out my books at 14 day stretches. Regardless of my mood, I have something to read in almost every genre. My Kindle has a storage of 26.52 GBs. Yet, I can get SD cards and easily increase that storage amount.

 Easily Get Books for Review

Since I do book reviews I can just provide the vendors with my Kindle email address and they can send them to my Kindle automatically. (Once I add their email addresses to an approved list.)

Obtain PDF’s Easily

I can also send PDF’s to my Kindle and read them on the go too. This makes it easy to keep up with my blogging course assignments.

Full Usage of Prime Features

One of my favorite features of having Amazon Prime is the fact that I get to read books from the Kindle Ownership Library. I’ve gotten to read some pretty recent releases from that library. I also get to read my FREE pre-release books on my Kindle too.

I can also watch my Prime shows and movies on my Kindle. It has a nice set of speakers on it so it’s easy to hear above my kids’ loudness. If I want to do it without disturbing anyone else I can plug in a pair of headsets OR hook up a set of Bluetooth headsets to it.

As you can tell there are many reasons to love owning a Kindle Fire HD or a Kindle product of any kind. I feel it’s well worth the purchase. Keep a look out for sales on them. I do know in the past they have had some sales on them on Prime Day and around holidays.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

If you own a Kindle, why do you love yours?

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