We all know the feeling. Working all day, cooking, sitting down, going to bed, and the circle goes on. Just like you need a break from work-related stress, your kids, and other family members could do with taking a step back and having time off reality. The below ideas are great for weeknights, Friday night rewards, or simply times when you need to regroup and bond with your family members.

Escape Games

One of the best ways of strengthening the bond between family members and improving the functioning of the group is getting an escape game experience. You can choose your theme and group size, book the appointment and arrive prepared to solve puzzles. Make sure that your kids follow your example and turn off their phones, so you can focus on the tasks ahead and take a break from your everyday life. These games are great as they improve your kids’ imagination and problem-solving skills, unlike video games that deliver the vision and sound ready to be consumed.

Night at The Museum

You might also want to look out for events in your neighborhood involving arts and crafts and community projects. There are several museum nights arranged throughout the world in the summer, and you can go and look behind the scenes, talk to some of the artists, learn painting, drawing, making statues, or simply create a personalized item for your home to take with you.


If you enjoy challenges and most of your family members are competitive, you might also want to book a night paintballing. This is a fun activity that will get you active while engaging your brain. As paintballing requires concentration and focus, you can stop thinking about your problems and your kids can relax with their upcoming exams. There are indoor and outdoor paintballing courses you can choose from, depending on the weather, and you can even book a family meal on site.

Fun Fair

Smaller kids will appreciate you going to the fun fair on a weekday. Make some sandwiches in the morning and pick the kids up straight from school, have a picnic in the park, get your tokens, and enjoy the night. Set a budget for everyone, so they can’t keep on coming back for more money for rides. You can challenge each other at shooting games, sample local food, or simply sit back and watch your kids have fun.

Swimming and Water Park

Families need to make time to make memories and de-stress. Here are seven wonderful ideas to help you make that happen.

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Every child loves swimming. If you can pick them up from school and get their costumes, goggles, and towels ready, you can beat the crowd, and enjoy a great massage, cosmetic treatment, or sauna while they are going down the water slide the 1000th time. You will see how much better they will sleep at night for a couple of hours at the swimming venue, and how much better their appetite will be.


Families need to make time to make memories and de-stress. Here are seven wonderful ideas to help you make that happen.

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If getting close to nature relaxes you and helps you improve your mood, you can arrange a campfire and barbecue nearby. You can arrive to a natural reserve, hike to the campfire destination, cook your food, sing a few songs, enjoy a conversation and stay as long as you want to, provided that there is no school or work the following day. This will be a great chance to get your kids off their phones and give them the precious moments of childhood that they will remember for life.

Creative Workshops

If your kids are pretty artistic, sporty, or are interested in new skills, you can look for family workshops to attend at night. From learning how to act in a physical theatre and deliver fake kicks and punches, making the audience believe that the fight is really happening to learn how to build car models or controlling RC planes, there is a workshop you can all enjoy together at night. If you have older kids, you can take them with you to a cooking class, as this skill will be essential when they leave for college or move out.

Kids and adults need a break from everyday routines and stress. If you are stuck with weeknight ideas and want to help your children over exams or during stressful periods, you might want to consider some of these recommendations. They are fun, help you reconnect with each other and take a break from reality. From learning new skills to being kids and playing without restrictions and improving your collaboration, there are plenty of ways to have a meaningful family night out.