Preparing for a new year is something most everyone takes the time to do. I’ve found this to be especially true for homeschool parents. Most homeschool parents like to have a set plan and goals in mind for how they plan to conquer their schooling. I have always been a planner addict.

I know many parents look for planners at the beginning of the year OR at the beginning of the typical school year in August. I decided to share with you some of the amazing homeschool planners and resources I’ve found on the web that is available for FREE to use. It is my hope that one of these free homeschool printable planners will help you and your family.

I realize the power of being prepared and having a set of missions for each day to accomplish with the kids. I also know that there are times when life gets in the way of homeschooling too. Even though I have a plan in store for daily activities with the kids, I have been educated through experience that being flexible is VITAL to have a successful school term. I hope you’ll leave some room in your schedule for life events so you’re not overly stressed in 2017 and beyond.

As a planner addict, I appreciate getting FREE Homeschool Planners from across the web. Come get yours and find out which ones I liked the most.


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Please check out all of these wonderful planners because you may fall in love with more than one and may even decide to combine some of them together.

Here’s the roundup of FREE homeschool printable planners:

Learning Tangent shares free homeschool planner pages that allow you to make out your own plans.

Not Consumed has created a wonderful Ultimate Homeschool Printable Collection that you can get by signing up for her newsletter. It’s more like a little homeschool handbook, but it has printable planners in it too. I feel new homeschool families will appreciate Not Consumed collection. Her blog is always worth reading too.

Cornerstone Confessions has created a beautiful 2017 Calendar Pages.

Motherhood On a Dime has created a wonderful FREE Printable Pages package for a parent of a preschooler.

Little Learning Lovies created a 40 Week/Full Year Curriculum Planner that makes getting prepared for the year simpler.

Notebooking Nook created an adorable Homeschool Planners and Charts bundle for her readers. It’s truly well laid out.

Five J’s has created a true Homeschool Planner Plus+ bundle. She covered just about everything a homeschool parent could need.

From ABC’s to ACTS has created a simple Printable 2016-2017 Homeschool Planner that is ideal for someone who wants the basics covered, but not the extra stuff.

It is my sincere hope that you found a planner to make your 2017 homeschooling journey easier and better organized. I appreciate you coming by and checking this roundup out.

What is your tip for staying on track with your homeschooling journey?