Driving is an absolute necessity for many, especially if you live in an area that lacks public transportation. Perhaps you drive to work every day or simply need to drive to get to an important destination. Regardless, the price of gas is only increasing.

You can easily see how much you’re spending on it every month, and it’s not cheap. Fortunately, there are six ways you can increase your car’s mileage. Following these tips can help you to cut back on gas expenses and make your ride more efficient overall.

Go Easy on the Pedal

Avoid flooring the gas pedal, and go easy on it instead. Speeding is dangerous and can put you and others at risk as well as waste gas.

You should also be careful to avoid stepping too hard on the brake pedal whenever you make a stop. It can waste gas and make your vehicle stop short. Instead, ease up on the gas pedal when you are about to come to a stop before stepping on the brake.

Follow Your Car’s Recommended Fuel Type

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception about premium gas being the best for your car. However, vehicle manufacturers test which type of fuel is ideal for their models. Generally, only race-car drivers, stunt drivers, and certain professional drivers may recommend premium.

You should always follow what your car’s manual says about the type of fuel it needs to run its best. In most cases, you should go with regular gas and ensure that it’s within the lower limit of the octane rating.

There are six ways you can increase your car’s mileage. Following these tips can help you to cut back on gas expenses and make your ride more efficient.

Be Mindful of Weight

The amount of weight you are toting in your car can negatively impact your gas mileage. Extra weight means the vehicle has to work that much harder to move. If you have a pickup truck you use for work, tonneau covers for Silverado 1500 can help to reduce your load by limiting how much you can store in the bed. To get the most out of your mileage, take certain items out of the car, particularly the trunk if it’s full, to lighten your load.

Reduce Drag

Following the trend of too much weight increasing your mileage, you should also be mindful of storage accessories like roof racks on your car. These things also force your car to work harder and use more gas.

You should only use a roof rack when you really need the items they transport. Otherwise, leave that at home so you can increase your mileage.

Properly Inflate Your Tires

One of the most basic ways to improve your gas mileage is to inflate your tires to the right pressure. This is a step that many drivers neglect, and it can cost them a lot of money in fuel each year.

Use tire-pressure devices that can tell you when the air pressure is low. You may also want to check the tread on your tires to ensure that you’re using the right type as it allows for better gas mileage.

Check the Gas Cap Seal

It’s important to keep the gas cap fully sealed on your car. If it’s loose, gas can drip out and go to waste. The rubber seal on the cap can also wear down over time, which allows oxygen to seep into the gas tank.

Too much air can then enter the engine, which causes your car to use more gas. You should replace the gas cap every few years to ensure this problem doesn’t occur.

Always be careful and follow these steps while driving. It will help you to maintain your vehicle and improve your gas mileage at the same time.