Updating your look doesn’t have to be extreme or outrageously expensive. Small tweaks, from the permanent to temporary, can provide major updates to your look. Here are four beauty recommendations to instantly update your look.

Cosmetic dentistry

The next time you meet someone, take note of the first thing you notice about them.

It’s usually their smile.

On the list of things that people could change, and that have a significant impact on your look, a person’s smile is ranked fairly high. If you’ve ever wished for a brighter smile, or a straighter one, or perhaps that you didn’t have a chipped tooth, a gap between front teeth, or any other issues that cause you to not share your smile, cosmetic dentistry is a modern and easy solution to update a major part of your look.

If something as drastic as cosmetic dentistry doesn’t seem like the right fit, even scheduling some basic dental work, such as cleaning, could go a long way in improving both your confidence in your current look, and act as an update.

Many dentists even offer the convenience of a website, like a website from Whitehorsedental, that displays their available services and can answer quick questions such as how long a cleaning or whitening could take, and the next available appointment.

These four beauty treatments will help you stay healthy longer too. What would you add to the list?

Permanent makeup

Aside from your smile, people will notice your features next.

Although many of the makeup trends are currently trending towards a natural look with cosmetics, makeup is still used in softer tones to highlight features. Even for those who don’t wear it daily, there’s usually a point when it’s useful, such as for special events or the occasional sleepless night.

However, many people don’t have the time to do their makeup properly or worry about reapplying it, and that isn’t even to include people who are involved in sports or who are athletic. Most makeup is pointless to them.

However, an easy way to update your look could be permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. This is a process that beneficial for either subtle or drastic updates for a look and is preferred for active and busy people or people who have dexterity conditions that prevent them from using a steady hand. It can also be done for people who might have allergies to traditional cosmetics.

Procedures can be completed on nearly all features, but usually focus on eyes, lips, and eyebrows for the best impact. It is important to note that cosmetic makeup no longer has to be a drastic change to heavy and dark makeup. Many subtle and very light shades are available to enhance a person’s look lightly and can be a good option to update your look, especially if you’ve previously considered yourself too busy, or traditional makeup to be a waste of time.


Except some at home methods that can give funky results, a quick chat with a stylist is another way to update your look easily.

A new haircut, color, or overall style can be something fun to do to freshen up your look. Many of the options for hair are far less damaging than they were when they originally came out, such as highlighting, overall color, or even a perm.

The best part about this is that although it is great for an immediate change, if you start not to like it, your hair will grow back out and you can try something else.

Wardrobe makeover

Yes, new clothing trends come out nearly every season, but investing in some new threads now is both a confidence booster and a quick look update. You should feel beautiful all year round, not just when the new fall or spring collections arrive.

Whether clothing is worn out or doesn’t fit right, a new outfit or several can go a long way to renew your look. Refine your style with a fun day of shopping or talk to a fashion stylist for a quick way to find what works best for you.

From the top of your head to your toes, your look is what everyone first sees you. Beauty is defined in so many ways, but often it’s the exterior definition that people forget to update in the today’s hustle and bustle. Taking some time to implement a few changes, whether they be permanent like cosmetic dentistry and tattooing or temporary with long-lasting effects like clothing and hair, can go a long way in updating your look.