Sedentary sitting is something that a majority of people do on a daily basis. Especially if one is in the corporate scene, sitting is part and parcel of their lives. It’s no secret, however, that sitting for a long period of time is pretty hazardous to one’s health. In fact, over the years, there have been numerous case studies carried out to demonstrate the hazardous effects of sedentary sitting. Despite this, many shun the results of these studies, and take to sitting like birds to a carcass! Which is unfortunately risky, health-wise, for the average working man or woman.

Now, here’s the shocking discovery. According to a research conducted by Dr. Diaz and his colleagues at the New York-Presbyterian/Weil Cornell Medical Center in Columbia, sedentary sitting can result in an early death, even if one exercise!

Yet sitting is something that a majority of people get plenty of practice at (sarcasm intended). With remote jobs becoming increasingly popular, reading, writing, and performing various tasks with laptops constitutes the biggest chunk of sedentary sitting. In fact, one might be reading this post now while seated!

Which then begs the question; what is the healthiest and most beneficial way to SURVIVE a sedentary job? Here are some great ideas to incorporate.

Survival tactic 1: Stand

The science says it all. According to the boys donning lab coats, one should stand up every 20 minutes during their sedentary sitting sessions. In fact, studies conducted have shown that the body can benefit immensely from simply standing up, putting the muscles into action, and then moving around. Yes, it might look a little creepy if one starts standing in the office and wiggling around for a couple of seconds!

But take a look at the bigger picture; think of standing like the set of reps that done at the gym. With time, they help strengthen muscles, physique, and core. Standing does the same thing to the body. It acts like the reset button to get muscles active before getting back to the mundane paperwork!

Sitting for a long period of time is pretty hazardous to one’s health. Be sure that you follow these tips to avoid having health issues from working in a sedentary job. What other tips would you add?

Survival tactic 2: Eat a healthy lunch

It’s also essential that one has a healthy nutritional intake during work hours. Some of the recipes at Pocket Change Gourmet Site can be essential meals during a lunch break.

Survival tactic 3: Move around

Seems pretty abstract, yes? However, there’s also a lot of science to this. Even the simple act of fidgeting with say with a pen, can help a person burn up to 350 calories a day. Alternatively, if one feels uncomfortable to employ fidgeting during their work hours, they can utilize a workstation routine. What this simply means is that instead of having one workstation throughout the day, the worker moves around to different workstations during different hours.

For example, why not have that morning coffee at a coffee shop? Then check into the office for 2 hours, before moving to a restaurant during lunch. The work day can then be completed at the library; which by the way happens to be a great environment for increased efficiency!

Food for thought; it’s essential to put health first despite having a sedentary job. What’s the point of making thousands of dollars only to end up in a hospital a few years later? Let that simmer in.