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Thoughts on Abortion as a Sexual Abuse Survivor

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I don’t typically write about heated topics such as abortion, but my thoughts on abortion as a sexual abuse survivor won’t be silenced. A major part of me wants to scream that abortion should be illegal. After all, it is considered murder and for good reason! Yet, there is a small smidgen of me that is screaming to protect that abused person who ends up pregnant with a monster’s child inside them. Even with that argument, I want to still protect the innocent child that has no fault or blame from the situation.

Is It Murder?

I am going to go on record and say that yes, abortions are murder! The reason I say that is because my youngest daughter was nothing more than a flitter of a being when I nearly had a miscarriage with her. In less than a week after returning to work after trying for four years to get pregnant again, I started having a miscarriage. When they did the ultrasound to see if she was okay, she was literally no bigger than the size of a pea! Yet, she was REAL and ALIVE!

I can’t imagine killing a child just because it was going to make my life difficult for nine months. Yes, some pregnancies can be risky to endure. I know this first hand since ALL.THREE.OF.MINE.WERE! I’m also a firm believer that we are all stronger than we may realize. A person never truly knows how strong they are until they are put in circumstances they have to overcome.

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Adoption is an Option

If the abused person can’t handle keeping the child, putting the child up for adoption is an option. It’s a far better option than having a murder on your coconscious the rest of your life. Plus, think about how you’re blessing someone else’s life by giving them a child they long to have. I would recommend doing interviews for who will adopt the child throughout the pregnancy so that the child doesn’t end up part of the fostering system.

One Person Makes a Huge Impact

I recently watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Jo admits that she’s the product of rape crime. She feels HORRIBLE about it. However, Meredith points out how much Jo has impacted so many things in her life.

We are all created for a reason! We are made to make a difference in someone else’s life. If we start giving everyone the chance to kill off babies before they are even born because they happen to be created as a result of a horrible crime, then we are upsetting what should be.

On top of that if DNAs prove that these offenders are getting these victims pregnant then more sexual offenders would actually be punished! They would have to spend 18 years taking care of child they created in their sickening madness in more ways than one. It wouldn’t be as easy for them to get away with the crimes.


If I had ended up pregnant from my abusers, yes, life would have been hard for those nine months. I may have had to live with the idea of watching a baby be adopted. However, I believe I’d rather have that as a reminder than recalling that I’ve killed an innocent being.

The sad fact is I can say all of these things with so much ease. Yet, if I would have been put to the test on these facts, I’m not sure how it would have played out. I know my mom would have pushed for an abortion because she believed victims should have that right. She believed that having a victim endure this kind of pregnancy was a form of a death sentence for them. Honestly, it may have been!

I find it hard to imagine what it would be like to be in those shoes. I do know that I couldn’t have been a happy camper carrying my abusers baby in me! It was hard enough enduring my pregnancies which were made out of love.

Please know if you have had an abortion due to these circumstances, my heart bleeds for you. I don’t think you’re a horrible person for doing this! In fact, I think you were given a different kind of strength because you went through this.

The whole topic of abortion is quite tricky. It’s almost a catch 20/20 scenario. Which one of the two evils is worse? It’s hard to say!

 A child giving birth to a child and their bodies aren’t equipped to fully handle it definitely doesn’t make one lean towards to the option to keep the pregnancy. A woman who has been raped and fully traumatized is not emotionally equipped to handle a full nine-month pregnancy, and that makes her a poor candidate to keep a baby in her full term.

Yet, in both cases, the innocent child suffers. For all we know that innocent child, may have been the person to solve the mysteries to ridding our world of an even more severe issue our world has… cancer.

I’d like to believe that making abortion illegal is the final verdict I’d give, but in truth, I can see both ends of the spectrum. If we looked within our heart of hearts, we probably all can. Overall though, I lean more on the side of making abortion illegal.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic. Please note: I will NOT allow ANYONE to be bashed for their opinions. We ALL have the right to our opinions, and we can all be friends even if we disagree on a topic!


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