I am so glad to be in 2018! This past year has been a year of nothing but changes. I do declare if I had made my word for the year “changes” it would have been completely fitting! I’m praying that 2018, is a year of conquering.

In 2017, I have gone through THREE office/classroom spaces. We finally have a room big enough to accommodate all I need for my blogging world and for teaching the kids. These three upgrades made us busy beavers throughout 2017 working throughout the house. Our kids have changed rooms (with the exception of Zeva) numerous times. They have had many upgrades done within their bedrooms. I got a nice dining room. My husband made some edits to the kitchen (but that complete overhaul will happen in 2019 most likely.)

I changed cars quite a few times too. I still need to make another change in vehicles, but I know that will happen all in due time. I am being patient on finding the car I need that won’t cause us to go into the hole.

I have been given the chance to put to rest something that has nagged at my soul for well over eight years now. I am entering into 2018, with a clean slate with no baggage of any kind now. I finally got to say my piece on the topic and close that chapter of my life.

In 2017, I have gone through many life changes. Some were wonderful and others were hard to endure. However, I gained something that has been lost for years.

I have found ME again!

It’s amazing how when a piece of your heart is broken it can hold you back from fully savoring all aspects of your life. While there may be chips in my heart that will remain broken, but they are held together by a bandage of peace of mind. It may have cost us quite a bit financially speaking, but it was worth every penny!

My family and friends showed me how much I mean to them. They stayed by my side through it all. They reminded me how far I’ve come. I feel stronger now than I have in more years than I care to count.

Yet again, my husband was able to fully showcase his love for me in a way that other men would have never dreamed of doing. We found out how much trust has been built between us through the years without us even realizing it. I grasped how secure I truly am in my marriage. There hasn’t been any doubt that we would make it for life, but 2017 only further confirmed it for us.

I firmly believe that 2018 will be a year worth recording for me. I have nothing but faith that it will be my turning point year. I’m no longer living with clouds of doubt about who I am. I KNOW who I am! I know that I’ve made the right choices. I believe in myself again.

I want these feelings of peace and inspiration for you throughout 2018 and beyond. What can I do to help you achieve that for yourself? 


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What has 2017 been like for you? What are your plans for 2018?