We used to own a recycling company and a major part of our income was getting pallets from all kinds of various places and then selling them to companies who needed them. I shared 20 DIY Wood  Pallet and there was mention that it would be helpful to know where to find FREE pallets. I decided to share how we use to get our pallets for free with you.

Getting pallets for free is actually rather easy to do, but it is a bit time consuming. It does usually require a truck and straps. Plus, a bit of muscle strength too. Pallets aren’t exactly light if you get the standard size.

For EVERY place that is listed, I would highly recommend calling to ensure they are still there and what the terms are for you picking them up. Every place is different. I have included some side notes for each place you retrieved them from too.

Where to Find FREE Pallets (1)



The first place I would look would be under the FREE section of Craiglist.org. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on there and NOT seen FREE pallets offered from local companies. In most cases, the pallets are NOT going to be in the greatest shape. However, if you’re going to tear them apart to make furniture, they are still worth getting.


Warehouses give out pallets for free quite often. However, usually, they have a LARGE quantity of pallets that they want you to pick up. So unless you’re planning on doing some pretty big projects I wouldn’t recommend you choose that as your option first.

Grocery Stores

These are a wonderful resource for getting free pallets. They often have just the right amount available for small projects and they keep them in pretty great shape too.


This depends on the restaurants delivery methods as to what you’re going to find available there. However, I have seen us get them from a few Chinese places. I think this has to do with some type of culture difference in the way they get their products, but I’m not sure. At most, we got 15-20 from them at a time.

Office Supply Stores

This is a great resource for about 5 pallets a week. That isn’t a lot, but if you’re already in the area it’s worth adding them to your stack.


These are some of the places we use to get our pallets from. Every town and business are different. I can tell you that Walmart and Lowes has a contract with companies to come and pick up theirs. They reuse their own pallets often.

Where do you find free pallets in your area?