One of the first questions I get when I tell others that I blog for a living is “how do you do that?” I always respond with it takes a long list of steps to blog professionally. I could technically show someone how to do the basics of earning money blogging. However, I’d much rather see someone strive to reach the same income level I’m reaching to get. These courses I’m recommending are from bloggers who are making thousands of dollars a MONTH. I’m in the midst of finishing off some of these courses myself. All of them are well worth the money it costs to get them, but please pay close attention to the notes I’ve included with each one, though.

Top Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers from a bloggers point of view who has tried them all. Have you taken these blogging courses?¯

Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers

Elite Blog Academy 

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Elite Blog Academy is by far my favorite online blogging course that I’ve ever bought. You can indeed learn more about this course by reading my post about whether or not you have what it takes to blog professionally. This course is costly, but to me, it’s a wise investment that feels likes an online blogging college. I don’t know of any college course worth its weight in gold that is cheap.


Ruth does give away many FREE lessons. If you click on the images below, you can take advantage of getting them yourself. Click on any of these pictures that interests you to gain access to them.

Blogging Made Simple FREE blogging training series available now. If you've ever considered blogging this is a course for you to get.

Building a Framework

Building a Framework is a course that will showcase a majority of the aspects of blogging that are vital to know. She covers everything from start to finish. One of the reasons why this course is worth investing in even if you have EBA is because she goes over many technical aspects of blogging that EBA doesn’t offer. This course is available for $97.00.

Blog by Number Book & Course

The Blog By Number started out as an amazing little e-book jammed pack with stuff well worth having on hand as a blogger. She shared valuable resources such as Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, and many other gems of information. I have not had the pleasure of taking her course, but judging by the e-book alone she is sure to have created a class that will be valuable. The e-book is only $17.99, and even as a seasoned blogger, this book helped me quite a bit. The e-book and course are only $47.000. She has priced these products rather reasonably. She is also readily available to help any of her customers.

Pinning Perfect

If you are wanting to master Pinterest then look no further than this course. Pinning Perfect is a course that helps you set up your Pinterest account from the start to finish. It also covers how to gain the most from it. The instructors also ensure they update it as needed.

Content Brew

There almost always comes a point in a blogger’s journey that they feel like they have nothing left to write about. Or if you’re anything like me, you have to much you want to write about and no clear order in order to write it. Content Brew is a course designed to help you tackle those obstacles. I haven’t even had the chance to get through half of this course and have found it to be quite beneficial already.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses on the web. It is for a good reason! IF you do not know that much about affiliate marketing, then this course is for you! It will walk you through all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. She even tells you where to apply and how. It’s a very easy to use the course, and you can refer to it anytime. This course cost $197 or two easy payments of $105 a month.

Pajama Affiliate Marketing

Pajama Affiliates marketing course is entirely different from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This course focuses primarily on earning income from Amazon; whereas, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing focuses on collecting revenue from companies and products you already use and love from other sources. Now, here’s the deal in my book, making money from Amazon is way harder than making money from other sources! I’m always promoting Amazon on my site because I use it every day!! So, for me even getting bits and scraps of money through them is worth the effort I put into promoting them.

Carolina goes into great detail in her course to help you with Amazon. I’ve heard from many of her students that they have seen a drastic increase in their Amazon income from following her advice. I probably would have too if I continued to pay to have Jaaxy Keyword Tool. However, I could not go on to do that at this time. When I can, then I know I’ll finish out her course. Amazon income is not high enough for me to justify investing in that tool right now.

Learn To Blog Hangout Courses

Crystal and Kelli from Learn to Blog Hangouts have made classes to help you with increasing your organic searches. I have their Skyrocket Pageviews book and have found it to be quite helpful when I owned my other blog. Once this blog has enough quality content on it, I plan on doing it again. They also have another course called Dominate that I’m considering investing in also when this blog has more content.

Strategies Worth Sharing 

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that Facebook frustrates the tar out of me. I did the tips in Strategies Worth Sharing e-book on my old blog, and it did help me gain an extra couple of thousand followers. When I finish some of the other things on my to-do list, I will be putting these strategies to use on my new Facebook page for Sharing Life’s Moments. You can get this book for only $20.00. She does also offer an upgraded package with more training for only $50.00.

Traffic Transformation E-book

Traffic Transformation is an E-Book filled with over twenty steps to help you increase your traffic on your blog. Lena does a remarkable job of providing you with actionable how-to steps that are worth the time and energy to do. Traffic Transformation is a wonderful compliment to any/all of the courses mentioned here. She provides you with proof on how she’s gained results from her methods. Also there is a video included with this E-Book too.


A big money saver for me was getting the Genius Bloggers Toolkit. It is filled with many different lessons from other online entrepreneurs. Plus, you get added bonuses to try other blogger tools.  It is coming back again October 4-9th, 2017.

BC Stack

Another wonderful resource to keep a lookout for is the BC Stack that is put together by Blogging Concentrated. It is usually available around July. This is a bundle that includes many blogging courses at a deep discount. This bundle hasn’t cost me over $30.00 yet.


All of these courses have helped me in one or another on my blogging journey. I am glad that I bought all of them. The trainers of these classes all know their stuff and are more than willing to help you grow your blogging income as long as you put forth the effort to do the work in their courses.

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Which of these courses appeals to you the most? If you’ve taken any of these, what were your opinions on them?