As many of us know, Cannabis can have many positive effects on a persons’ health, and on their general well-being. However, what many people may not realize, is that Cannabis can also have many non-medical benefits for an average person not suffering from any ailments or conditions. The benefits that one can reap, irrespective of their current medical state, can often be a surprise to the general population.

Many of these benefits are commonly known, but few people really stop to think and realize how much Cannabis can actually do for you, how much these small benefits can mean in your everyday life. Most of what we hear about in the news and online is about how Cannabis can stop the spread of cancer, or help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, to PTSD; while these are all tremendous and should never be forgotten, they are not the only aspects of Cannabis that are positive, not by far.

Whatever reason you are using Cannabis for, be sure you are safe, and get the Cannabis from a proper source depending on your location, I.E if you’re in the U.S a “club or dispensary” and if you’re in Canada for example, an online dispensary in Canada, etc. Today we will be reviewing some of the top non-medical benefits that the consumption of Cannabis can provide to an individual when it comes to their everyday lives. You may be surprised!

Benefit Number Ten-Weight Improvement:

Typically when one thinks about the combination of food and Marijuana, it’s not a very good match. Something along the lines of “munchies,” weight gain, and laziness. While this, of course, can be true for some individuals, in general, the stereotype of the “munchies” while true, may not be as negative as one would think. According to recent studies published in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Cannabis might actually help improve, and speed up the bodies’ metabolism, leading to higher rates of energy burn, and weight loss! This ends up driving your metabolism into overdrive, causing the munchies because you are burning so many more calories! Who knew!

Benefit Number 9-Mood Stabilization:

This one is a little trickier as there has been little to no research done on the subject, but many people testify that the consumption of Cannabis can lead to the calming down of their hectic minds. Many people who have hectic minds, or mood disorders, or people who just can’t get that little voice inside to calm down; turn to Cannabis to help, and with mixed results. Many people claim that the Cannabis helps them calm down and relax, while others claim that it can make them more paranoid and anxious, so as with all things, beware what is right for you!

Benefit Number 8-Increased Creativity:

For thousands of years, humans have used this “magical” herb to “think outside of the box” and come up with things that they may not have otherwise. Famous individuals such as Shakespeare, and Louise Alcott, Queen Victoria, to civilizations like the Greeks and Egyptians, have used Cannabis to help with the inspiration to come up with some of the greatest inventions and discoveries in human history.

Benefit Number 7-Spirituality:

Cannabis has been used through the world in countless religions throughout history, and for a multitude of reasons. Today, many people still use Cannabis either as integral parts of their religious practice or as a method to enhance their experiences. Cannabis is often used to bring one closer to the divine, to nature. Many people can use Cannabis to enhance their spiritual lives, and many do! The cerebral effects that Cannabis can provide, of course depending on the strain, can create quite the religious experience.

Benefit Number 6-“Taking a Break”:

Of course, there is no true escape from reality, and all things are temporary; but Cannabis can be an excellent tool for just taking that quick break from reality. Of course, it’s important to remember that all things must be done in moderation, and things that are overdone are never good, but compared to alcohol and other hard drugs Cannabis can be a very beneficial way to de-stress, and take a load off.

Benefit Number 5-Social Aspects:

There are few things that can bring together like minded people in a fun, happy-go lucky method than Cannabis. The entire 420 culture is one that is filled with community, love, and friendship. Many people who use Cannabis either recreationally, or even medically, find themselves joining others who partake, and creating enjoyable experiences for all. Coming together and passing the joint around, is one of the best things a group of friends can do.


Benefit Number 4-Better Sex:

It’s no secret that Marijuana can, in some cases, make the senses keener, and fine-tuned; sensitive to things that are happening. Being intimate is particularly one of those times. Cannabis can make that oh so special moment, that just more special. We are not going to go into much detail here, you will just have to take our word for it

Benefit Number 3-Better Dreams:

While it is not proven, as it would be difficult to do such things, many users who consume Cannabis prior to bed, report that their dreams are much improved and that in some cases those conflicted by nightmares can be alleviated even!

Benefit Number 2-Better Sleep:

Going along with #3, aside from causing better dreams, many users and studies show that Cannabis can help fight insomnia, and help users experience deeper and better sleep. As many users know; one can get a very, very nice night’s sleep after taking a nice toke.

Benefit Number 1-Stopping to Smell the Roses:

One of, if not the greatest benefit that Cannabis can bestow upon a user, it’s the added ability to just stop, breathe, and to take it all in. To stop, and to smell the roses. Cannabis has an uncanny knack, to allow you to go outside, and just take the perspective of your place in the universe, to open your mind, and feel the power of life itself. There are few substances if any others that can do this. And that is why this takes the number one spot on our list.


Marijuana can do a lot for us, a lot more than many people think, and we are only just starting to uncover what Cannabis can really do. Only time will tell what other uses we will uncover for this amazing herb. While there is plenty of debate about whether or not it should be legalized, I do feel that the pros out weight the cons even though I personally do not use it. However, I do have family members who are using it with a doctors prescription. I see first hand the benefits in action.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

What are some non-medical benefits that the consumption of Cannabis can provide for you that haven’t been mentioned?