Small Victories Sunday Linkup Update


Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories and I both have invested in the Elite Blog Academy in 2016. In fact, that investment has played a major role in my selling my old blog. I wanted to start over and do things right this time around. I was (or agreed) to be a co-host for all of the linky parties you see on this blog before I started this one. I didn’t want to just stop abruptly so I have continued to co-host them. However, starting in January, I will NOT be co-hosting any more linky parties on this blog.

Obviously, my announcement to Tanya that I was making this shift, made her think about what she wanted to do with her blogging time as well. She has since decided that she isn’t going to be hosting the Small Victories Sunday Linkup anymore. However, we ARE NOT leaving you hanging! We still want to be an active community with you. We want to stay in touch with each of the regular bloggers who have been an active part of our linkup for so long. Be sure to check out the image for all the details.

You will have to visit Tanya’s blog at Mom’s Small Victories to get all the direct links and invitations to everything mentioned.

Small Victories Sunday Linkup Announcement

It is our hope that you will continue to want to be a part of our blogging community. We do share a love of good books, good food, blogging tips, home decor, healthy living, DIY, crafts, anything to inspire our readers to read, eat, live and blog well!

Thank you for being an active part of the Small Victories Sunday Linkup community for so long. We only hope this will continue to grow over time but in a different form. 



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