Why I Love Amazon Prime


There are very few things that I invest in every year with consistent loyalty. One of them happens to be Amazon Prime! There is an extensive list of reasons why I love Amazon Prime. I am sure that some of them will be worthwhile for you to consider investing in it yourself. Keep your eyes pierced to take advantage of their Amazon Prime Day, which has been typically held in the middle of July.

Why I Love Amazon Prime

Find out why Amazon Prime is worth the money to get. Your membership gives you more features than you may realize. Do you know all of them?

Free Shipping

I do a massive amount of product reviews through Amazon. Since I have an Amazon Prime membership, I don’t have to pay to ship for almost every item I buy.

Receive Items FAST

Prime members usually have two-day shipping on products ordered that Prime approved. Just look for the orange check mark with Prime!

Save Money On Products

There is a load of products that are marked down in price for Prime members. I’ve saved myself a significant amount of money just for that alone.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

I get to borrow one new book each month. There are many new releases on this list too. It’s nice to have access to them without having to wait for them to be available at my local library. The tough part is deciding which book I want to read each month.

Prime Video

Prime Video is full of movies and shows that can be watched for free with your Prime membership. There is an extensive list of shows that are perfect to add to your homeschooling lesson plans.

Prime Music

This is a wonderful way to listen to music you love without having to buy them. Plus, you can create playlists to suit whatever mood you’re in.

Once a year they have Prime Day! Prime Day is a day when you can take advantage of loads of savings just by having an Amazon Prime membership. Now is the time to sign up for Amazon Prime if you don’t have Prime. Take advantage of their 30-day trial! It’s worth it if you spend any money on Amazon.

Prime Photos

Prime Photos is a neat perk that allows unlimited digital photo storage. There are enhanced search and organization features to make sorting precious snapshots seamless.

Audible Channels

Audible Channels a platform that it charges $60 a year for is available at no cost to Prime members. Audible Channels offers a rotating selection of curated audiobooks and podcasts, sorted by interest.

Twitch Membership

Amazon also owns Twitch.tv, the video hub where gamers upload walkthroughs. Prime members can tie their Amazon accounts to Twitch.tv to enjoy ad-free viewing, a channel subscription, and exclusive access to free games.

Talk to me in the comments please:

What is your favorite feature of having Amazon Prime?



  1. […] I’m an e-book hoarder. I take advantage of obtaining FREE e-books daily. Some of my favorite sites include BookGorilla.com, ManyBooks.net, Tydale.com, RomanceRockStars.net, and BookBub.com just to name a few. Of course, you can also keep track of Amazon’s top 100 Free books too. I also get to choose from some of the Kindle’s First Picks thanks to having an Amazon Prime Membership. […]

  2. Sadly in Canada the Kindle stuff isn’t included and we can’t stream the video on many devices, but it is otherwise pretty cool – great prices on video games. I wonder what it’s like in other countries?
    I dropped by from #trafficjamweekend – it’s wonderful to find great bloggers! Hope this weekend treats you kindly.

    • Wow.. I didn’t know other countries weren’t offered the same things. 🙁 That is sad. Thank you for enlightening me on this bit of information. It certainly adds valuable information to my readers too. Especially since I do have many readers from all over the world.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.


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