Life Lessons Gained From Hurricane Matthews


Hurricane Matthews shook up the lower Eastern coast of the United States this past weekend. We weren’t completely immune to its devasting effects. Yet, despite the hardship, I found many aspects of it reassuring.

Damage Controlled

After the hurricane had passed our home and the rain stopped falling down, my husband decided it was time to scope out our neighborhood to see the full extent of the damage. I noticed LOADS of fallen down trees and power lines. There were plenty of yards covered with fallen trees and limbs. Yet, out of hundreds of homes, there was one home that had a tree on their SHED in their backyard. Even that damage wasn’t so severe that the shed had to be replaced. Everything in the shed was still SAFE.

Life Lessons Gained From Hurricane Matthews

I know other areas were DRASTICALLY destroyed by the hurricane. I’m confident that they are suffering and not going to see the hurricane in the same light as I am right now. For that, I do feel for them in more ways than one. I don’t want this to sound like I’m making light of the damage that others may have suffered that was severe!!!

However, in my mind, as I was going around our neighborhood, it reminded me of God’s grace he has on us. It reminded me that he may hand us many hardships and trials, but it is nothing more than we can bear to handle.

Regardless as to what damage was done where you live, it could have been far worse! There were less than 1,000 deaths recorded so far for Hurricane Matthew. I am confident those 1,000 will be severely missed (I know it would have broken my heart into a million pieces to lose a loved one during this time.) However, in the grand scheme of things that’s NOT a huge number when you compare it to the traveling pattern of Hurricane Matthew.

God’s Promise

While we were doing a walk around our yard, we were covered in a misty rain one one side of our yard and gorgeous sunny skies on the other. Then we looked up into the sky to see the most stunning FULL rainbow over our property. I didn’t take my camera or even my phone because I wanted time with the family without any electronics. Ironically, it was the one time I wish I had my camera. It reminded me of God’s promise to us.


He promised to never create a flood and destroy all of the living things again. After the terrible hurricance, it was nice to physically see the reminder again.

People Over Profit

I saw people choosing to help their fellow man out regardless of the cost to themselves or even their businesses. MANY electric companies came to our rescue so that we could obtain power back as quickly as we did. Granted they may have still been paid in some form, but it still had to hurt their bottom dollar in some form.

Plus, many people were offering what they could to help others to stay afloat. You see many places online where people are helping residents that were severely harmed by this hurricane through funding campaigns.

I had one employee from our local grocery store offer to give me his loaf of bread that he was keeping just to ensure my family had bread to feed our kids with. It was a wonderful gesture that luckily I didn’t need to take, but the thought behind it mattered to me a great deal.

I also was reminded of how much time with family matters. It’s a precious commody that many of us take for granted. Time is money, but time is also love. 

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Life is Unpredictable

Life is one thing that we can never fully predict. We can prepare for our tomorrows, but there’s no telling what may really happen. Only God’s knows what is honestly in store for us and our futures. We can only make the most of every moment we are given.
So, today I leave you with the hopes that you will continue to strive to make the most of your every moments you have.



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