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By The Way Book Series : Ohio ~ Here We Come! Review

Reading through Ohio ~ Here We Come! from the By the Way Book Series has given my kids and I a great way to start a state history discussion as we read about my home state. I am originally from Ohio. There are many things I miss about living in Ohio, and I wish I could take my kids there to showcase those things to them. However, thanks to us being able to review the Ohio ~ Here We Come! the book I’ve been able to give them a small dose of the things I like about Ohio. About...

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4 Tips for Balancing College and Family Life

Today, as a college degree becomes more of an essential prerequisite for a huge range of well-paid jobs, we are seeing more and more parents going back into education. Having children can be extremely motivating when it comes to self-improvement, as the more money you are able to earn, the nicer the life you will be able to give your family, making sure that they are all happy and comfortable. Of course, there are many parents who are extremely successful without going to college. But, if you’ve chosen this popular route, then we have some excellent tips to help...

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Why a Career in Healthcare Management is a Good Choice

Choosing a suitable career can be hard. Technology is changing the employment landscape with alarming speed, and it’s difficult to know which jobs will still be around in 20 years, and which will have been mastered by robots and artificial intelligence systems. While some healthcare jobs are expected to become increasingly automated, roles which require a great deal of human interaction and management ability look safe for the foreseeable future, which makes studying for a healthcare related degree a sound investment. The Healthcare Industry Is Growing In the western world, the population is aging, which increases the need for...

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Blog Professionally, Do You Have What it Takes?

I have been blogging since 2012. I have never dived in with my entire being to make it a professional blog. Since I’ve started blogging, I have primarily done it out of the desire to hopefully help at least one reader to have a better life in some way. Despite the fact that I haven’t attempted to make my blog a PROFESSIONAL blog, I have made some serious money blogging. In 2016, I sold the blog I started with because I made way to many mistakes on that blog to turn it into a full-fledged professional blog. I came to...

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Sweet Progress Winter Galentine’s Box Swap

I joined the Sweet Progress Winter Galentine’s Box Swap hosted by Mrs. AOK and Happy Pretty Sweet. It was my second swapping event with a fellow blogger, but this one was a lot more fun. I also felt like I could connect with the blogger I was paired up with. I was paired up with Crystal from Love More Live Blessed. What is Galentine’s Box Swap? I had not heard of this type of thing before Mrs. AOK told us about it during our #SITSBlogging chat. I quickly jumped on board to do this event. They did a remarkable...

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