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Homeschool Rescue Helps Moms Homeschool With Confidence

Even though I am a veteran homeschool mom, I was blessed to review the Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity. While I love homeschooling my kids there are still times when I feel overwhelmed. There are times when I doubt whether or not we’ll get everything done just on their homeschooling journey alone without thinking about everything else on my to-do list. About Homeschool Rescue Homeschool Rescue was designed to help mothers be excited and ready to homeschool their kids with greater confidence. Homeschool Rescue is a 60-Day course that will help you to have the support and organization...

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Captain Absolutely Book Review

My sons love comic books so I was thrilled to introduce them to Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. They had fun reading this book together. This is not your average run of the mill comic book. Captain Absolutely is a book based on the character from Adventures in Odyssey.  About Captain Absolutely Captain Absolutely is about how Josiah King is transformed into a superhero. Due to his new powers, he is on a mission to have truth and justice win against the evil around him. He has to outsmart his enemy Dr. Relative. This comic book uses...

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South Carolina Colleges Are Getting Dawg Gone Expensive

College is expensive, and in South Carolina, it seems that the cost of a four-year degree just keeps increasing.  Recent tuition increases have made the already high cost of a university education even more pricey for the average South Carolina student. There are many reasons why any student would be lucky to attend college in South Carolina.  In addition to the incredible weather and scenery, South Carolina boasts a top-notch educational system, with a variety of private and public higher educational institutions to choose from for an undergraduate or graduate education.  South Carolina is home to famed schools such...

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Summer Activities Bucket List with FREE Printable

Even though I’m a homeschool parent, I still look forward to summer. It’s a time for unwinding and having fun. This year though at the spurring of my blog tribe I made a Summer Activities Bucket List. I listed off many things that I’d love to do with the kids. I figured you may want to give your own family a sense of adventure using it too. I know of some people who create a list to cover the aspect of their days off for the summer. They go through and do at least one thing off the list...

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Don’t Let the Season Dictate Your Vacation – Whistler is Perfect Year Round

Often, when planning my vacation, I usually choose the destination based on the time of year I will be traveling. If it’s winter, I might head to the snowy regions of the world to enjoy some skiing, snowboarding or just cozying up around a hearty fire with a mug of hot chocolate with the family. If it’s summer, I’d probably be more likely to hit the beaches for some surf, fun and sun or out into the wilderness for a camping vacation or hike. Very few destinations offer something for you to do year round quite like Whistler Village...

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