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This post may have been a collaborative post and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. Reading is such an adventure to do with my kids. I love how reading books with them can open up doors that otherwise wouldn’t be available to us. That’s why I was excited to jump on board with LET’S-READ-AND-FIND-OUT SCIENCE® BOOK SERIES ACTIVITIES BLOG EVENT. About Our Blog Event The LET’S-READ-AND-FIND-OUT SCIENCE® series of books are a great place to start to cultivate a child’s desire to learn and explore.  The LET’S-READ-AND-FIND-OUT SCIENCE® series offers books on a wide...

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Are We There Yet? Surviving Long Car Journeys with Kids

This post may have been collaborative post and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details.  There is nothing more exciting than a family trip, but there is also nothing more stressful. The thought of hearing “are we there yet?” every half-hour can be enough to drive any parent crazy. But don’t despair, as car journeys with children can actually be a pleasant experience. Read on to discover how. Image Source Dealing with arguments – Let’s get the big one off the list first! If you have several young children, arguments can seem somewhat of an...

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Pencil Grip Inc.: Thin Stix Creativity Pack Review

We love the Thin Stix and wanted more colors so we were excited to receive Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. to review this time. Zeva and Delbert love to paint, but I don’t like the mess that comes with them doing it. Thin Stix Creativity Pack helps us all to be happy. About Thin Stix Creativity Pack     The Thin Stix Creativity Pack was created to help kids to have the freedom to express themselves through painting without all the mess. They are designed for kids ages 3 and up. In this set, there are 24 bright colors...

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3 (Non-Educational) Things To Teach Your Children

There are many roles that parents have to play in the lives of their children. You are their friend, their mentor, their shoulder to cry on– but most of all, parents strive to be a teacher. Teaching comes in many different forms. If you homeschool, then you are literally a teacher; the person responsible for instilling knowledge about the world to your child. However, it’s not just homeschooling parents that have valuable lessons to give to their children; nor does the completion of the day’s lessons cease the need for homeschooling parents to teach. The people that our children...

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Looking for Extra Income? 5 Ways to Make Money at Home

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. Are you a busy mom, house husband, university student or an employed person looking to make more income on the side? You can make money from home via your computer and an internet connection. Mind you there are several “work from home” scams, beware of falling for the wrong type of offer or service. Some operate by requesting an upfront fee and asking you to work for them, only to maintain radio silence when it is time to pay you. In...

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