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Getting Cash Back Has Never Been As Easy As This

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. And we’re talking about cash back at its purest form—not rewards points, not gift certificates, but actual cash back. Bless the soul of whoever thought of the cash back concept. Along with “major sale,” it’s one of those things that make our hearts skip a beat when we go shopping. Credit card companies have been pretty generous when it comes to cash back, but most of the time, they come with strings attached—minimum purchases, finance charges, loyalty terms and so forth....

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Bring It On: Worldwide #CHEERSMACK Review and Giveaway

I have bought every Bring It On movie that has come out since I watched the first one. Here’s a little-known fact, I wanted to be a cheerleader growing up, but it wasn’t an option because my mom insisted I become a horse person like her. I live vicariously through watching the Bring It On movies. I was thrilled to find out that they came out with the new Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack.  About Bring It On: Worldwide #CHEERSMACK Bring It On: Worldwide #CHEERSMACK  takes the “The Rebels” through a global competition. The competition is started by a new...

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Field Trips That Are Perfect For A Homeschooled Child

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. When it comes to homeschooling a child, there’s a chance they won’t be able to interact in the same way with the outside world. This doesn’t make them lonely. However, the usual curriculum that works in a school setting is different to one in a home, and so field trips can be a rare occurrence. Wherever a child learns new things need to have relevance to the outside world, so by including a field trip in your lessons for a week...

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I am always hunting down ways to show my family how much they mean to me with personalized gifts. We are huge M&M’S® fans in our home. What about yours?? I definitely suggest giving family and friends a memorable gift they’ll truly enjoy (and even share with others!) with My M&M’S®. From birthdays to weddings to baby showers, My M&M’S® has you covered with their wide array of tasty treats. Here are a few of our favorites! Bulk M&M’S® Candy (2-lb bag) The options are endless with 2 pounds of your favorite candy. Bulk M&M’S can be customized to fit any taste or desire with endless personalization options. Choose your favorite colors, add words and images, or even select logos from your favorite sports teams or movie franchises. Use your bulk bag to fill candy dishes, top cupcakes, or just snack on whenever you’re in need of something sweet. M&M’S® Characters Chocolate Birthday Gift Box What better way to say “Happy Birthday” than with chocolate? This 1 pound box of customizable M&M’S® can be personalized with the color and message of your choice. Spell out the birthday celebrant’s name or initials, or even choose imagery that matches their personality and interests. Forget a boring gift card – give them something they’ll be excited to open (and enjoy!). Baby Feet Candy Gift Box This adorable baby gift box is perfect...

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Finding Top Bath & Body Works Coupons Just Got Easier

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. If have followed my blog for any period of time then you know first hand that I’m always on the hunt to put more money in our pockets and helping us to gain more time in our days. While I may not be as coupon savvy as The Krazy Coupon Lady,  I do know how to find coupon codes through my phone and online quite well. I also keep my eyes peeled for any other deals I can snag. That’s why...

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