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Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Kickoff Post

Good morning. It is the official start of the Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Event. I’m super thrilled to have the next 72 hours almost 110% devoted to doing things on this blog. I hope that I accomplish everything on my list of stuff that I have been either putting off or haven’t had enough time to finish. PLUS, I can’t wait to interact with the other bloggers doing this with me. This year’s to-do list is pretty lengthy for me. It is my sincere desire that I accomplish it all. However, chances are high I’ll run out of time....

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Homeschool Planet Review

Many homeschooling parents are creating lesson plans for the upcoming school year. Did you know with Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op, you can do so much more than just creating assignments? When I first started looking into Homeschool Planet I didn’t know many of the features it offers. After reviewing it, I physically saw how I could benefit from using it for our family.  About Homeschool Buyers Co-Op Homeschooling can quickly become an expensive venture if you are not careful. That is why being a member of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is beneficial for homeschoolers. The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is...

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UnLock Pre-Algebra Review

This past school year Jimmy was learning Pre-Algebra, and it was a struggle and a half. He never did fully grasp every aspect of it. Thankfully we were given a chance to review UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math this summer to help him get back on track with his Math skills. About UnLock Pre-Algebra UnLock Pre-Algebra is made for students in 7th and 8th grades. This course is broken down into 16 manageable units. This is a full Pre-Algebra curriculum. This curriculum also includes teaching videos, testing, instant grading, and feedback. You ALSO get the ability to connect with a...

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Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series Review

I have never had fun with History until now! We have been enjoying the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. These books will help change the way you teach History. About Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series Rush Limbaugh wrote the Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to help make History entertaining for kids. The story’s main character is a history teacher who helps his students have the chance to see history in action physically. The series starts with Revere and...

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Biannual Blogathon Summer 2017 Event- Mark Your Calendars

Blogging professionally (or even for a hobby) can quickly become quite time-consuming. The blogging to-do list never seems to end. I know for me personally, there is ALWAYS something that gets added to it. I don’t get to touch it consistently. Yet, the Blog-A-Thon Events are guaranteed times that I get to dive into my blog with a vengeance. Del takes on having the kids for the entire weekend. On June 23-26, 2017, Kathleen Garber will be hosting the next Biannual Blogathon – a FREE blogging event that you can participate in (as much or as little as you like)...

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