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Making Working From Home Work For You…

It may sound like a dream come true, working from home, but in many ways, it shows that productivity in work is decreasing rapidly when you aren’t in an office environment. If you are a freelancer, it can be stressful as you don’t necessarily fit into the confines of the nine to five working structure. But there are ways to make working from home work for you by balancing the enjoyment of working from the comfort of your sofa to creating work that is of good quality. Make A Home Office The first step in making your home environment...

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Gain More Time in Your Day With These Little Ways

We are all given the same number of hours in a day to get things done. I know I find that I get sidetracked many times throughout the day. As a result, I’ve been looking for all of the little ways to gain more time in your day. I decided to track the things that are time sucks for me. Many times I find that the very things I’m trying to fix are the same things my friends are working on too. Gain More Time In Your Day: Unsubscribe to emails you never read. Set up canned responses for...

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Doctor Aviation Review

I have been studying Aviation History with Doctor Aviation. I got interested in aviation due to the fact that my oldest son has the desire to go into the Air Force. He has also had a strong love of planes since his Granddaddy took him to an airport to watch the planes take off when he was a little tike. When I got the chance to review Doctor Aviation, I took advantage of it so that I can have a leg up in understanding whatever key terms he’ll be talking about when he’s older. About Doctor Aviation Doctor Aviation is a course...

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Mapelle Films : Trust Fund And Love was Near Reviews

Before being accepted on this review campaign with Homeschool Review Crew, I had not heard of Mapelle Films products. I’m completely thrilled to say I got the chance to review the Trust Fund movie and the Love Was Near book. These are products not mentioned very much, but they should certainly be in the spotlight more. About Trust Fund Trust Fund is a movie that is about a ‘prodigal daughter’ who made a few poor choices. It is like a modern day story similar to the prodigal son from the Bible. Reese is a young woman who dreams of becoming...

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7 Sage Pieces Of Homeschooling Advice

To stand on our online pedestal and say that homeschooling is easy would be a fabrication worthy of a Donald Trump tweet. It is tough. It is daunting. It is a lot of pressure. But it is also one of the most rewarding and exhilarating things you can ever experience as a parent. You are teaching them how to be successful in life, how to navigate the ups and downs and hurdles,  and how to be passionate about the things they do. Yes, there are curriculums you need to consider, how to be organized, and how to keep pushing...

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