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The Gap Year Dilemma: Why Parents Should Get On Board

Teenagers go to high school, graduate, and move on to college. That is the traditional route and one that millions of kids follow on a yearly basis. A gap year just seems like a waste of twelve months while your son or daughter frolics in a foreign country. Ask a parent what they think and they’ll say “no way, Jose!” Being on the same page is important, and parents have to be willing to meet in the middle. Sure, 52 weeks of fun in the sun wasn’t your path, but it doesn’t mean your child won’t benefit. Here are...

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Why You Should Never Co-Sleep

Co-sleeping is when parents sleep in close proximity to their baby, often in the same bed. The debate surrounding co-sleeping is a sensitive one, with many believing that co-sleeping is unsafe. However, both arguments – for and against – make valid points regarding the physical and emotional wellbeing of baby and parents. Here, we unpick the pros and cons of co-sleeping and bed-sharing and discuss the benefits of co-sleeper cots. Co-Sleeping is responsible for more SIDS According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), co-sleeping is responsible for more SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) than isolated...

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If You Take Antidepressants During Pregnancy And Your Baby Is Born With A Birth Defect, Who Is To Blame?

When you are pregnant, there are many things that you know you have to avoid – like illicit drugs and alcohol. But there are some things that you can still get a prescription for – which you may or may not need to take – which might be a category “C” drug. A category “C” means that a drug has been shown to be harmful in animal studies. Some medications have been shown to have the potential to cause birth defects in pregnant women, but physicians might still prescribe them to their pregnant patients. 

When it comes to class...

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What Are The Best Criminal Defense Plea Bargaining Tactics?

When you are accused of a crime, your criminal defense attorney may have tactics to either get the case against you thrown out; at a minimum, they might be able to negotiate what’s called a plea bargain. A “plea bargain” is when the prosecutor and the defense attorney work together to find a settlement to lower the charges that a defendant faces – or even to lessen the consequences of their penalties if they agree to plead guilty or to admit guilt. Plea bargains are a way for courts to save time through eliminating the need for the trial...

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Can You Go To Prison For Violating A Protective Order?

Domestic violence is a huge problem in the United States. Statistics indicate that as many as twenty people in America are physically harmed or abused every minute, which is a staggering number. Although there is no surefire way to protect everyone, orders of protection are law enforcement’s way of attempting to keep people safe from both physical and emotional harm perpetrated by the people who are closest to them. If you are in fear of someone hurting you in a relationship, then having an order of protection is critical to making sure you are safe. One in three women and one in four men have admitted to being the victim of domestic abuse at some point in their lives. Abuse isn’t just about physically hurting someone – there are many ways that a person can be abused in a relationship – and not all signs are visible, which makes it go undetected so easily. Also, victims often assume that they are to blame or deserving of the abuse and are scared to file a report for fear of reprisal. If you are being harassed, stalked, or domestically abused, then you do have many tools at your disposal to get the abuse to stop. You don’t have to be afraid or suffer in silence. There are many types of restraining and protective orders, and although you can’t force someone to...

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