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Ultimate List of Suggested Books For ALL Grades

I have found that once my kids know how to read, they have the power to take their education anywhere they want. They can explore and learn many things independently. Once they have learned how to read, education becomes something they look forward. They spread their wings and fly with extreme gusto too. Sometimes some kids learn how to read and then lose all interest in reading altogether. It is my hope that with this list that issue can be prevented. Also, you can find FREE Literature Study Guides for many of these books. This post may have been...

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11 Best Apps For Business Owners

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. Apps were made to make our lives easier and more exciting. There are also apps that are specially made for all you creative entrepreneurs out there. Here is a list of the most common and popular apps that proved to be helpful to the creative business person. Scanner Pro – PDF document scanner with OCR – Readdle Inc. This app helps when you need to scan documents on the go and don’t have access to a different scanner. This app is...

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DIY Fall Harvest Basket

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. Thanksgiving is fast approaching! There’s nothing better than having a beautiful centerpiece to look at on the table. It is even more special when you know someone in the family makes it for your family holiday meal. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either to make it. How to Make Your DIY Fall Harvest Basket Materials needed -Basket -Mesh From Walmart – Centerpiece bow (Walmart has many choices.) -Colored Pipe Cleaners from Dollar Tree  – Orange napkins...

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

With the Individual Membership, Super Teacher Worksheets makes it easy to add supplemental worksheets for math, reading, and more! Right now, that’s something quite beneficial. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the midst of trying to help the kids grasp a new concept and ran out of examples to use. By having this membership, I do not have this problem anymore. About Super Teacher Worksheets Super Teacher Worksheets is an online printable resource for homeschoolers and teachers. There are printables for almost every subject and grade out there. On top of that, if you don’t see something you’re...

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6 Steps to Take Ahead of a Building Project

The more detailed information you provide to a builder, such as schedules and drawings, the greater control you’ll have on a home renovation project. As a result, you can effectively monitor what a contractor builds and charges. To help you gain a tight grasp, we’re offering the six steps to take before a building project. Outline Your Design Outline a design to detail exactly what you want, the project’s size and shape, and how the spaces will both connect and flow. It’s also important to outline different variations and possibilities, which will ensure you create the right design for...

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