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Lets Go Geography Review

One of the things that have changed since we left Connections Academy, we have had more time to explore more engaging ways to learn their required subjects.  Let’s Go Geography has a fun homeschool geography course that includes many hands-on activities! While going to school, I couldn’t stand anything to do with History or Geography. I always thought it had to be a hard topic to teach my kids. Now I feel completely different. About Let’s Go Geography Let’s Go Geography is a program that breaks down learning about the world ALL around us in weekly lessons. Each week in our inboxes we...

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Homeschool Room Reveal For 2017-2018

Every year our homeschooling sections have changed. We have finally after eight years of doing this gained the perfect set up. We took a storage building from Old Hickory Buildings, LLC and upgraded it. BEFORE This is a 12 by 24 building. We took 12 by 10 of it for our classroom. The rest of it is a bathroom so that the kids don’t have a way to get sidetracked when they need a bathroom break. We are still working on the bathroom portion of it otherwise, I’d show you pictures of it too. After My man and our #furrbabies...

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Progeny Press: Charlotte’s Web E-Guide Review

Reading and Language Arts have to be my favorite topics to teach. We love adding Progeny Press guides to our Language Arts studies so we were excited to receive Charlotte’s Web E-Guide this time to review. About Progeny Press Charlotte’s Web E-Guide Charlotte’s Web E-Guide is a comprehensive guide to help students to learn how to further break down what they are reading. This guide is designed for students in grades 4-6. It is 55 pages long. It’s available for digital download for only $17.99. My Review The Charlotte’s Web E-Guide truly is a study guide that helps parents to take their kids...

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Enhance Your Homeschool Journey With CuriosityStream

This post may have been sponsored and/or contain affiliate links. Please visit our Policies Page for more details. Now that we have left Connections Academy with no intention of returning, we are able to find more entertaining methods to teach our kids. While I was hanging out with Carrie from Our Everyday Chaos a little while ago, we got to talking about CuriosityStream. I remembered us having the chance to review it an extended period of time on my old blog. However, we weren’t able to watch very many shows on it at that time. Life has changed for...

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The Man Who Invented Christmas

I found out about a new movie coming to theaters on November 22nd, The Man Who Invented Christmas! About The Man Who Invented Christmas The Man Who Invented Christmas tells of the magical journey that led to the creation of Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer), Tiny Tim and other classic characters from A Christmas Carol. Directed by Bharat Nalluri (MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY), the film shows how Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) mixed real life inspirations with his vivid imagination to conjure up unforgettable characters and a timeless tale, forever changing the holiday season into the celebration we know today. Directed...

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