About Sharing Life’s Moments

First off, I’m glad that you have come to visit us on the web! I know you’ve got plenty of options online of places to see. It is our hope that you will decide to follow us. We are a simple down home country family who has many interests. We savor taking the time to share those interests with you in hopes that you’ll gain some benefit from our posts in some way.

About Us

Del and I are a couple who have been married for over eight years. We took the long route to get married, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’ve known each other since 1993, and our love has had to undergo many trials and tribulations through the years. We’ll share our experiences so that you may hopefully learn from our experiences. We are not perfect by any means, but the longer we’re together in each other’s lives the more we learn. We are both tech savvy people who can’t wait to get our hands on new technology. My husband is an avid video gamer. I’m more of a computer and Kindle geek. We both love to spend time together watching movies/TV series together. I’m also an avid book reader.

About the Kids

These are our kids. Jimmy (left) is our 13-year-old. Delbert (middle) is our 9-year-old. Zeva (right) is our 5-year-old. They keep us quite busy, to say the least. Our kids all love to read, play video games, and get filthy playing outside. They are more than willing to try out new products or services. Since we homeschool our kids and work from home we are always together. When you’re with your family 24/7 life becomes a bit more challenging. We strive to keep our family close-knit. We don’t let the kids play video games all day, and as a result, we do what we can to keep them well entertained with using their minds. We plan on sharing many aspects of our life with you from our homeschooling journey to our hobbies and leisure activities. We hope that you enjoy your visit here and come back for again.

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Again, we’re super thrilled you’re here! Until we meet again… The Greens (Del, Crystal, and kids)