About Sharing Life’s Moments

First off, I’m glad that you have come to visit us on the web! I know you’ve got plenty of options online of places to see. It is our hope that you will decide to follow us.

We are a simple down home country family who has many interests. I love sharing bits of our life with our readers. My husband shares things from time to time as well.

About Us

Del and I are a couple who have been married for over eight years. We took the long route to get married, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have three kids. Jimmy is 13, Delbert is 9, and Zeva is 5.

Homeschooling Family

We aim to be a resource to help you with your homeschooling journey since we have been homeschooling our kids for over six years. You’ll find homeschool tips and tricks, curriculum reviews, and discounts and hot deals that we may come across them.

Family Life

I am a big stickler for ensuring that everyone makes time for their family. I will share ideas on how you can gain the most from the time you spend with yours. I’ll also share some of the passions we have in this section. Some of our passions include cooking different recipes, movies, video games, and board games.

I’ll also share some organization tips in the Balancing Life section. There you’ll find a bunch of different ideas to help you make the most of the time you’re given.

Mom Time

I don’t know of too many mothers who value making time for themselves as much as they should. When a mom is rejuvenated then she is able to give more to her family and others. Since my Mom Time includes a good bit of reading, this is where you’ll find my book reviews. It is my hope that you’ll gain some ideas and ways to relax.

Blogging Tips

As a blogger who has been blogging for well over five years. (We just sold our last blog in June 2016.) I’ll be sharing blogging tips too. If you have blogging questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

The overall mission of Sharing Life’s Moments is to have you join us in making the most of every moment. 

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Again, we’re super thrilled you’re here! The blog may look bare now, but I love to write. So, chances are high it won’t be bare long! Just click on the topic that interests you and you'll find blog posts that I hope will interest you.

Until we meet again…

The Greens (Del, Crystal, and kids)